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75Re disputed nudes of Brooksie

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  • ytyt7ytyt7
    Jul 30, 2006
      I'm curious about the provenance of two photos which appear to be of
      Louise Brooks, but as far as I know, have never been authenticated
      as really her, rather than a look-alike.

      Photo #1: Full-length of Louise in a dance position, her arms raised
      and her left leg raised. Not exactly a full-frontal nude, but pubic
      hair is visible.
      Shown at http://thedarkwoods.free.fr/at%20home/nude.jpg

      Photo #2: Full-frontal, with her arms slightly raised, and a very
      long gauze strip flowing over her shoulders and down to the ground.
      Shown at http://silentladies.com/Brooks/pages/Brooks203.html

      Both photos appear to be of her, but it is my understanding
      that film historians have not found confirmation that Louise ever
      posed for any full-frontal nudes. All her other risque photos are
      more discrete.

      Do any of you know whether these two photos have ever been proven
      positively to be Louise Brooks?

      Thank you.
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