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71Not Spam!: New Vintage Magazine/Site!

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  • vintage magazine
    Jun 3, 2006
      Description (Edit)

      Welcome to the official site of Vintage, the magazine to be sold on the net and Ebay. Vintage covers classic Movies, Stars, Music, Television and Style.

      Though I'm finished my journalsim degree, I just can't break into the industry, literally because i have no connections or relation to anyone in the Media. Therefore, i've decided to step out on my own into the area i simple adore!

      I'm in the middle of putting the 1st issue together, which will be a special edition "10" issue.

      I need all the member feedback i can get on what you think are:

      10 actors
      silent actors/esses

      every newcomer to vintage movies should know about. Not only because they are talented actors, or great movies, but maybe because of scandal, a style they made their own, the film was a great dud....

      From the start of movies to the 1970's is what i classify as vintage.

      My final top ten lists can be found under the "File" section of the group. Please post your own lists in the same section, in the members folder, with your name/id.

      Please vote for your fave magazine cover which is located in the photo section of the group- Greta Garbo is winning at the moment!

      Email me personally @ VintageMagazineOnline@...
      or vivienleighfan4ever@...

      Please bear with me as this is a massive job i will do by myself, while also working part time in my "proper" job...sales...Argh!

      I will take pictures off the net and out of my own books etc...if you would like to add a pic to the group in consideration in the magazine please do but add your name to it, which i will acknowledge. If i can't find anyone attached to a certain image and publish it- Sorrry!!!

      I am not related to any vintage star - i'm a fan just like you, so lets help each other!

      So come in, join, and lets discuss, and most importantly- have fun!!!!

      *The Beautiful and Ballsy Norma Shearer is in my lists, see her pic above*


      Please don't write reply to this msg in group-i'm only on weekly digest and won't get to your msg for a while-email me!

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