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Freedom from the Blame-Game

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    Freedom from the Blame-Game Posted on June 4, 2013 by Tammy Hollenbaugh A Distortion in our Time Matrix The Blame-Game is a game that has been part of this
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      Freedom from the Blame-Game
      Posted on June 4, 2013 by Tammy Hollenbaugh
      A Distortion in our Time Matrix
      The Blame-Game is a game that has been part of this time-matrix since this time-matrix came into existence. It began in another time-matrix as a result of distortions and it was hoped that life-forms in this time-matrix would be able provide the necessary healing. It is still the hope that such healing can occur and it can indeed but as with all healing, it is dependent upon free-will choices.
      Many people are caught up in the blame-game on planet Earth and many do not realize it is a distorted game that is destined to control and continue to create more of the same. If we hold a desire to heal, it becomes necessary to take a serious look at ourselves, our lives and the environment in which we are immersed to find what obstacles could be hiding in plain sight that keep us from healing and creating the life experience we would like to have.
      It can be quite scary for many people to take this serious look at these things in their lives and the root cause behind why things occur as they do. Humans are falsely coded to be creatures of "habit"; falsely because we were not created by Source to express in this way. Because our current awareness-disabilities block the future moment from our view, remaining in a comfort-space is usually the chosen stance to take even if the comfort-space is not a healthy one, simply because such `comfort' at least helps us understand what we can expect.
      Why do we Blame?
      People may perceive their life-experience as one filled with lack, judgment, little or no options and with the world pushing them down every time they try to take a step forward. This can, in turn, encourage them to blame the world or anyone in it for the constant struggle to create something positive in their lives. These attributes continue to "dis-empower" and literally suck the energy right out of them and create even more distorted thought-patterns.
      Constant financial challenges with many wondering where their next meal might come from or if they will have a soft place to lay their head down each night or what might happen if they get sick and how they would ever manage to take care of their children and provide the essential needs for them to survive, are often the responses created by these feelings of `dis-empowerment'. When one is living a life filled with lack and fear everywhere one looks, then it becomes quite easy to play the role of being the victim.
      Playing the role of seeing one's self as a victim implies that there will always be those who will play the role of the victimizer. Because we create what we will experience via the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, the universe will continue to allow all that is required to allow us to create the experiences our thoughts are creating. As long as we continue to "think" of ourselves as a victim we will continue to draw to ourselves the people or things we `require' to allow us to have that experience.
      When life-forms become out of balance with Source-energy in extreme ways, the thoughts they are able to have are also out of balance with Source-energy in similar extremes. These thoughts are what will continue to draw to them the things required to allow them to experience what they are creating with their thoughts. It can be quite easy to blame anyone and everyone for all experiences we encounter and it can be quite easy simply because of the distortion of blame that fills the entire planet.
      What Happens When We Blame?
      When we blame people and events that are outside of ourselves, outside of our Vertical Connection to Source, that is where we are placing our power; our Source-energy. That is what we are feeding our energy to. That does not mean that there are not injustices that occur on this planet. Injustices occur every second of everyday somewhere on this planet as people play out the distorted coding they carry within their energetic system. It does not mean we should simply accept any injustice that we encounter in our lives and consider it only as `our stuff' but it does mean that we need to take a serious look at what is not working correctly within us that draws those types of experiences to us to then become a part of our life-experience.
      The distortions that the planet and all life forms on the planet hold that allow such imbalance to manifest is located within the Emotional Body. The Emotional Body is also our entire physical body. Because this is the location of the distortions, our emotions can be manipulated to force us to think and feel things that we were not created by Source to feel. Our emotions are subject to any and all things that we experience each and every second of our life-experience. Simply listening to a song, for example, or watching a movie or video creates very strong emotional responses within us and because much of our `feminine' expression is currently more aware of such emotional feelings than the `masculine', this aspect of us is more quickly brought to great emotional heights from things within the environment, such as songs, movies and videos and `theater'.
      This is not to say that the `masculine' expression is void of emotions. Many males can be quickly pumped to instantly react and play out what their emotions are expressing to them. It is simply that alterations in the gene-code of the male and female species have been created to elicit specific emotional responses. This is why many of the male population can be "molded" to become good soldiers and many of the female population can easily step into playing the role of the caregiver. Neither the male nor the female species is immune from the distorted game of playing either the victim or the victimizer.
      The simple fact that every life-form on the planet carries within them the distorted thought- patterns of the blame-game makes the game play itself out through everything on the planet. Every political, economic, social, educational and religious structure that is in place on the planet is driven and manipulated via the blame-game and the effects it creates in the emotional body.
      Owning our Life Experiences
      The distortion of the blame-game is so strong that no one person can heal the distortion alone but any one person can begin healing themselves to step out of playing a role within the distortion and when more people can become aware of the truth and choose to do the same, then the major distortion of the blame-game can be healed. That is why, as with all healing, choice is a key factor.
      Simply because of the way that creation occurs through us, we are the ones who are creating what we will experience. All of it! The good, the bad and the ugly! When things within our energetic system do not work correctly then what we will create to experience in our lives will continue to be out of balance. As long as things within us continue to control our thoughts and emotions we will continue to create more of the same type of thought- patterns.
      How can we even begin to heal a distortion that is older than the time matrix itself and how can we begin to heal our emotional body of such a distortion when life and people in our lives may seem to be on a mission to create more chaos and imbalance?
      The ONLY way to begin healing the distortion of the blame-game is to accept personal responsibility for "everything" we will ever experience and everything we will ever encounter. The only way to stop playing the role of the victim is to take absolute responsibility for our role in the game, remove ourselves from harm's way and work on healing ourselves. Only when we can allow ourselves to heal and stop playing the role of the victim will we stop drawing to us the people, events and `props' that allow us to play that role.
      Opening a Can of Worms
      All life-forms are created by Source to hold the "Potential" for any and all experiences within themselves. This allows all life-forms to experience free-will choice. The planet and the entire time-matrix are created by Source in the exact same way, to allow the potential for all desired choices of experience. But a potential is just that; a possibility that has not yet come to pass as it will require energy from someone to spark it into the experiential reality- field.
      Sparking potential experiences that are out of balance and destined to create chaos is like opening a can of worms and once it is opened, it quickly replicates itself to create more of the same. The can of worms containing the blame-game was sparked into the `experience' long before this time-matrix came into manifestation but it is still a potential as all life-forms within the system have free-will choice to play out that game or not.
      A life-form holds within its energetic body the entire mathematical program for the entire time-matrix system. This is necessary to allow a life-form to experience anything they desire to experience that is available to experience within the system. Every cell within the time matrix holds the potential for all experiences the time matrix is able to allow.
      Healed life-forms that have chosen not to step into the distorted manifest realms where distorted thought patterns are turned on have not experienced the imbalance that occurs in such systems. They do not know what it feels like to be caught up within the blame game. They do not know lack of any kind or what it is like to forget you are a spark of God-Source playing within the energetic structure of a time matrix system. But they are aware of the distortions and the imbalanced experiences they allow for and they continue to seek out ways to "gift" more of the energy of Source to any life-form that will accept such in a desire to facilitate healing all back into balance with Source-energy.
      We Chose to be Here
      You and every life-form on this planet are very brave as all have chosen to come here for a life-experience and to allow the distortion that exists here to become a part of your energetic body. All have chosen to do that in the desire to bring into the distortion more of the energy of Source to allow healing to occur. The distortion of the blame-game was already here before you ever chose to come to assist in healing it. You did not create it via your choices! But you cannot go about your mission of healing the game when you allow yourself to be caught up within the game and therefore continue to create the game.
      Because you have come here for a life-experience, to be on a mission to heal the things that are out of balance with Source-energy, you have chosen to take on all distortions that exist here which include the distortion of the blame-game.
      You may be asking yourself why you would ever make such a stupid choice. It is not, however, a `stupid' choice at all but when you are living within the distortion it can certainly feel like one. You, as a spark of God-Source consciousness know within yourself that you hold the "power" to heal the distortions. You knew this completely before embodying the distortions that allowed you to forget your real mission of healing and you did not have any second thoughts in your awareness that you are Source and that you are completely able to be successful in your healing mission. The spark of God-Source within you still does not have any second thoughts about being successful on your healing mission but the distorted thoughts you have chosen to embody will make you question and deny your abilities to the maximum.
      When you can realize that the blame-game is a huge distortion that existed before you came and that you came to assist in healing it, then all of the experiences that you encounter that allow you to feel like you are a victim take on a whole new light. You may have encountered a simple prayer that many have expressed over eons of time that says something like, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". Of course Father is referring to God-Source and it is quite true that the people on this planet currently have no clue of what they are doing.
      How to Begin Healing the Blame-Game
      The first step in beginning to heal anything is to become aware that something needs to be healed; that it is not a natural thing that is simply part of life and so there is nothing that can be done about it. You are now aware that the blame-game is not natural and needs to be healed.
      The next step is knowing that you hold the power within you to heal it and if you can allow yourself to remember that you are Source embodied, this will allow you to begin remembering how much power you hold within yourself.
      Once you can begin to remember your own Source-power, then you can begin the process of acquiring more awareness of what you are actually doing with your Source-power when you engage in any fashion with anything that exists outside of yourself.
      It will also be necessary to become aware of how your emotions can be manipulated to spark into action at any given moment; actions that are sure to create more of the same distortion. When you realize how distortion takes over and controls your emotions, the next step involves regaining some control over what your emotions are doing; what your emotional body is doing.
      The Crucial Role of the Emotional Body
      The strongest energetic part of our anatomy in this 3D life-expression is our Emotional Body. Our thoughts create our life-experience and our reality but our emotions send forth a burst of highly-charged energy that pushes those thoughts from us much like the rocket-boosters on a rocket. The emotional thrust fires our emotionally charged thoughts from us just like an atomic explosion and because they have so much energy stored within them they quickly go through the process of grouping with like-thoughts to allow them to manifest in some fashion so that we can experience them.
      When you engage with another in something like an argument or a fight, you are actually fighting for energy. Of course there will be whatever 3D issues present themselves to get your emotional body charged up but the real issue is not any 3D issue. The real issue is the distorted program that lies within all life-forms of planet Earth and the 3D issues are simply props constructed to keep the distortion in place or to bring awareness that something is there that needs to be healed.
      What can you do when you encounter a heated encounter with another? Your emotional body will be quickly dragged into the heated energy and the heated energy will very quickly take over and run you around all over the place. What can you possibly do in such encounters? You can STOP! You can stop yourself totally in your tracks in the moment and become aware of what is actually occurring and when you can allow yourself to stop, then for a split-second allow yourself to "think". When your emotions are being dragged around like a rag doll, you cannot have any reasoning thoughts about what is actually occurring. You are only able to think about what either party thinks is right or wrong and the possibility of fighting for your "need" to be right.
      You cannot heal into balance when you hold within you the "need to be right" because this need to be right will continue to draw to you people and props that allow you to think they are wrong in some way so that you can think you are right in some way. Are you able to begin to realize that the "thoughts" you desire to experience will continue to draw to you what you need to allow you to experience them? You cannot experience `hot' unless you experience `cold'. You cannot experience `right' unless you experience `wrong'.
      When you can realize that no-one is wrong or right and that it is simply distortion that requires healing which allows for the illusion of right or wrong, then you become more empowered to begin healing the distortion and begin healing yourself back into balance with Source.
      In the moment of a heated encounter, it is the emotional energy that is sparked within to heat to that boiling point. There are always moments before that explosion of raw energy occurs when the emotional body sits and `boils' and feelings and emotions churn within you until you reach your `boiling-point' and the energy must be released from inside you; it must be released or else you would explode.
      Disengaging from the Game
      If you can become aware of what is actually occurring and retain some focus of that fact in the moment, then you can stop and dis-engage your energy. You can walk away and allow your energy to calm down, which allows you to gain some control over your thoughts and what your emotional body is actually doing. If the other party desires to continue with their own battle for energy, they have free-will choice to do so but it always takes at least two to engage to allow the battle for energy to unfold. When you remove your energy from the battle, then the battle stops. You stop what you are doing with your energy and then you can choose what you actually want to do with that energy.
      You may never come to an agreement with another about any 3D issue and that is perfect in itself as each life-form holds free-will choice to experience exactly what they desire but if you can simply agree to disagree and leave it at that then you have at least removed the battle for energy. If you can heal it even further and allow yourself to realize that the issue is not really an issue at all and once the life-experience is over it will not matter one bit, then the need to be right can fade as well.
      If you are allowing yourself to feel as though you are a victim of circumstance and the entire world is working against you then it will be impossible for you to create Abundance in your life experience. We will talk about this more in the next article on Abundance.
      Releasing Raw Energy
      You must release that raw energy that grows and boils within you when you encounter experiences that are destined to create inner conflict. If you choose to simply bury that raw energy by pushing it down deeper inside yourself, you are creating more challenges that "must" be healed if you desire to heal into balance with Source.
      If you choose to deny your emotional responses, it can create false guilt and self judgment. When you choose to hold onto your need to be right or your need to feel as if you have been wronged, you are hurting no one but yourself. We will discuss this some more when we discuss Forgiveness.
      You can and should release that energy that is building within you least you explode or it manifests into illness within the physical body. But you do not have to throw it at another or allow something outside of yourself to steal it from you.
      Crying is a major mover of energy. Crying can release a vast pool of energy in just a few moments and is a part of the mechanics of the physical form to allow us to do just that; release a critical mass of energy from our emotional body. You are most likely completely aware how much better your emotions feel after you have allowed yourself to have a good cry. Crying is not a sign of weakness; it is sometimes necessary to move energy through the emotional body quickly.
      You must also be able to release anger from your emotional body. Stuffing these kind of lower emotions will make you physically ill over time and will continue to create more of the same type of emotions within you. Again, you do not have to throw your emotional body anger at others to release it from yourself. You can hit a pillow if you need to or go into a space where you are alone and simply allow yourself to scream as loud as you can.
      Physical exertion will allow you to release anger quickly as well. Some people actually release anger by cleaning, some through something sports related, others simply by running. When you use physical body exertion, it pumps all systems within the physical body to work faster and harder and this pumping can release the feelings of built up anger as you are moving energy out of yourself much faster.
      Writing is another tool to assist to release a large quantum from the emotional body and once you have allowed yourself to release the boiling point of a critical mass of energy, it can be very calming to your emotions to write down all of the emotions you are feeling.
      You could keep something like an anger journal, logging all perceptions you encounter in any battle for energy; all of the seemingly 3D reasons for the battle, the feelings and desires you are aware of in each encounter.
      If you choose to do this and then reflect back once you have moved beyond that chaotic energy encounter, you will begin to see a pattern unfolding that will allow you to see what the chaotic energy is really about and this will allow you a stronger opportunity to become aware of what really needs to be healed within you.
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