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Response from LA DEPT of ARCH regarding Pucketville Cemetery Ouachita Parish

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    Reports for these two cemeteries were sent to the LA Dept of ARCH for Gains and Pucketville cemetery Ouachita parish. Gains cemetery was in the LA DEPT ARCH
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2011
      Reports for these two cemeteries were sent to the LA Dept of ARCH for Gains and Pucketville cemetery Ouachita parish.

      Gains cemetery was in the LA DEPT ARCH data, however, Pucketville Cemetery was not.

      Puckettville Cemetery - Ouachita Parish

      The following data was submitted via your form:
      Access:    Open
      Angels:    No
      Archeology:    No
      Architectural:    No
      Association:    No
      Bordering:    Commercial
      Brickwork:    No
      Broken:    Yes
      Buildings:    No
      Buried:    No
      Carvings:    No
      Cement:    Yes
      Cemetery:    Puckettville Cemetery
      Change:    Unknown
      City:    Monroe
      Condition:    Cemetery neglected
      County:    Ouachita
      Crypts:    No
      Date:    2/18/11
      Directions:    Located behind convenience store on the right at intersection of LA Hwy 139 &
      LA Hwy 134. Marked with huge cedar tree.
      Disintegrating:    No
      Drainage:    Good
      Draperies:    No
      Email:    EbeyFamily@...
      Enclosure:    None
      Established:    1857?
      Features:    Huge cedar tree.
      Fencing:    No
      Fountains:    No
      Fraternal:    No
      Gate:    None
      Granite:    Yes
      Gravestones:    7
      Habitat:    Yes
      Hands:    No
      Inventory:    No
      Ironwork:    No
      Lambs:    No
      Landscaping:    No
      Location:    Surburban
      Marble:    Yes
      Materials:    No
      Methods:    Other
      Monograms:    No
      Name:    Marlon Ebey
      Nation:    USA
      Native:    No
      Newest:    1937
      Oldest:    1857
      Other:    Puckett Family Cemetery?
      Other_Information:    One marker is broken in half and another has been defaced.
      Others:    No
      Overgrowth2:    Graves-Disturbing
      Owner:    Cemetery
      Paths:    No
      Photos:    No
      Plants:    No
      Pollution:    Yes
      Problem1:    Encroachment
      Property:    Private
      Reason:    Roads
      Records:    No
      Religious:    No
      Relocated:    No
      Removed:    No
      Repairs:    No
      Report:    No
      Restoration:    No
      Roads:    No
      Scrollwork:    No
      Sculpture:    No
      Sign:    No
      Size:    Small
      Slate:    No
      State:    Louisiana
      Status:    Abandoned
      Street:    4268 LA Hwy 139

      Surnames:    Puckett
      Terrain:    Level
      Toppled:    No
      Trees:    Yes4
      Type:    Road-public
      Unmarked:    No
      Urns:    No
      Use:    Commercial
      VA2:    Gravestones-Broken
      Vandalized:    Yes
      Visited:    Rarely
      Watersource:    No
      Weather:    No
      Wood:    No
      Zip:    71203
      email_to:    louisianacemeteries@...
      lat_h:    32
      lat_mmss:    61840
      lat_ns:    N
      long_ew:    W
      long_h:    091
      long_mmss:    93748

      Reports can be read:


      Or on the wiki.

      Photos and Transcriptions Find A Grave Marlon Ebey
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