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Prison and Court Systems (sorry, I lost the original message and subject line)

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  • David Henise
    Like in just about any arena in life, it seems, it depends on how idealistic or realistic you are about different issues. That is, technically, a jury and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2007
      Like in just about any arena in life, it seems, it depends on how idealistic or realistic you are about different issues. That is, technically, a jury and judge and law-based system is corruptible and, yes, will be corrupt. It will misrepresentation rather than clarity at some level to persuade the decision on a case. It will probably demand violence at some point as well, to punish a crime rather than deal with the perceived criminal as a fellow human.
      On the other hand, this world demands cooperation. And if cooperation toward "nonviolent" means and ends cannot be directly achieved at the present time, then one can make a personal, "realistic," moral decision to help accomplish "the best available" way of dealing with a situation, given the current law system, while hoping and working for a bettering of that system. But, whether a person wants to take advantage of the system for money or some misguided need to punish other humans OR wants to take advantage of the system to try to work out better and better solutions for all involved is something that is decided outside of the court room. It is something that each person brings with him/her to the courtroom....
      But, a person may wish to revert back to what I said in my first paragraph, based on the distrust of any human "system" where laws are demanded instead of self-ware love wherein each individual judges himself. If one wishes to temporarily or indefinitely avoid "the courtroom" all together, then that may be one's "idealistic" personal policy, though I believe it would also be a truthful policy, at least when it's based on the grounds which I've stated in this paragraph.

      Pete Z <kelticpete@...> wrote:

      --- Adam <panacea2013@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      > The trouble is any prison system (however good a
      > system it may be)
      > relies on the court system and a jury to judge
      > individuals. It is not
      > for "us" to do this.

      yes it is.

      It is all part of Man trying to
      > set up his
      > kingdom on earth, rather than God's. It is all part
      > of the Beast.

      so we should withdraw from the world? how naive.

      any system will be imperfect. it is not wrong for a
      christian to particpate in non violent forms of
      government. we are to be submitted to legitimate and
      even illegitimate government when it comes to using
      violence. we are allowed to protest, vote, persuade.
      a christian can tell a government they are doing GOOD
      or EVIL. if a government is feeding the poor and
      giving healthcare, a christian could be a social
      worker for the government. why can't they be a juror?

      a good christian will have TROUBLE in government work
      because ultimately deception/coercion/ violence are

      for example, mr. born again jimmy carter KNEW that the
      indonesian government was illegally murdering the east
      timorese and SAID and DID nothing. I don't think a
      non violent christian who refuses to use deception and
      lies can move very far in government. but they could
      be a judge or a lawyer. or a member of a jury.

      nowhere does it say we cannot parcipate in legitimate

      a christian should not back, defend or particpate in
      coercive government, but it is a noble thing for a
      government to apprehend a criminal and put them in
      jail. a christian can be a part of that process.

      no sane person thinks that jail will "fix" soceity's

      a good penal system is rehabilitive as well as

      that is not a part of the beast.

      a christians goals will never be the same as nation,
      state, or city, as the inhabitants will want more than
      their fair share in life.

      i can see a non violent christian lasting as a mayor
      SOMETIMES but other times, their extreme good
      character would get them the boot.

      the early christians said that a christian should, as
      a judge, never give the death penalty. they said "in
      sword or in word, we cannot kill" that assumed that a
      christian could be a juror.



      "Speak out for those who cannot speak, for the rights of all the destitute. Speak out, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy."

      "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what
      it takes to sit down and listen."

      — Winston Churchill

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