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  • zseeks
    Hello All, I don t normally post unless I have something exciting to say, but as it happens I ran across what may be the most fascinating web site I have ever
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Hello All,

      I don't normally post unless I have something exciting to say, but as it happens I ran across what may be the most fascinating web site I have ever been to.

      I suppose you'd have to say its a prophecy site, except that its more than that, because it ties everything in with what we see happening in the evening news, which suddenly turns it all into common sense, making everything understandable for a change.

      This is not your average prophecy stuff where some guy is telling you a ten horned beast with seven legs is going to come up out of the sea and eat your gramma.  Its genuine prophecy with a true flavor of todays events interwoven.

      For example:  Literally every event pertaining to America's wars with Iraq were spelled out in grave detail in a 1990 prophecy,  right down to the fact that George W. Bush would be appointed into office verses voted in.  Including the fact that he would follow a "raiser of taxes" into office.  (As governor, Bill Clinton raised the State of Arkansas' taxes more than ALL other  previous Arkansas governors combined).  It then takes you through all the details, to include Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Iran's Ayatolla Humeini, and others.  All the way to the finish, where it tells you how it will all end.   This is just one of the prophecies that are discerned.


      Such thiings as:  Job outsourcing, Vanity, The Book of Life, What prophets do, God sending the Arabs against us, 10,000 Americans being killed by a single act of terrorists, U.S. government controlled churches, Why prophecies seem to fail, Foreigners taking over America, The beast that was, was not, yet is, The Randall County, Texas Plague, America's commerce being reduced to mere scavengers, People we aren't even supposed to pray for, America having zero allies when its all over, Then, Bands' Report, which is a 1990 writing that explains by citing Scripture, EXACTLY WHY, this is all going to happen to our beloved America.  All of which was prophesied well over 2,500 years ago.  (600 years before Christ)

      And,  did you know that the entire North American Continent is perched directly on top of a natural gas BOMB that is more than capable of destroying the entire CONTINENT on one day ?  well, its not just prophecy, its a scientifically proven fact that EVERYONE has tried to disprove,  but cannot !!   Just read these two pages  The first page is continued with a "CONTINUE" button at the bottom,  because from that point on it  REALLY gets scary.


      Yes, i know,  it all sounds "Hoaky"  until you read their article number 26,  and find out that a far less serious undergrould fire literally burned what used to be the ENTIRE city of Centralia, Pennsylvania completely off the map!   ...Go read it for yourself !!!


      Its all in the index that the link at the bottom of this page takes you to.
      In fact, I think I counted ninety some individual topics that are very effectively explained. Each with their own individual link. I've been reading the info on this site on and off for eleven days. I can't get enough of it. The format is truly amazing.

      If you have any interest at all in where our world is headed,  you might want to take a look. The site is called America-In-Prophecy.org and can be found at:


      From there you are given the option of reading it as someone who believes in God, or as someone who does not. Which also makes it incredibly interesting. Just go down the menu reading whatever appeals to you.  If you're like me you will be captivated and spend days just absorbing it,  wondering why,  IF NOT FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY,  our churches have simply ignored what has been obvious to them for centuries.

      Please let me know what you think.


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