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Re: Lost Religion of Jesus Digest Number 35

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  • David Leon
    ... Thank you, Craig. It s a blessing to hear right now. It took me this long to come around to this whole view perspective on Jesus teachings, rather than
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 20, 2006
      --- Craig <nclotus@...> wrote:

      > David,

      > You speak my mind. We are called to follow Jesus and as such, we
      > should obey what he said.

      Thank you, Craig. It's a blessing to hear right now. It took me this
      long to come around to this "whole view" perspective on Jesus'
      teachings, rather than the dichotomous and patch-worked views of Jesus
      and his teachings, which are taught by so many, many churches and
      traditions out there. I think that that is one of the keys that
      attracted me about these views I now speak of - that my life had been,
      to some noticeable degree, spent looking for better, more logical, or
      more complete views on Jesus and his teachings.

      I was surprised to find in the non-violence and related views, a much
      more logical framework from which to openly study Jesus, than I had
      presumed to find possible..at least any time soon in my life. I'm
      willing to stand up, through my words, for what I see now. But..it is
      also rather new to me, and is still a new blessing to hear responses
      from people that even fundamentally agree.

      Dont know if that logical-framework aspect interests you. But I thought
      I would throw it in here, and praise it. ..Thank you, at any rate.


      > Jesus called us to be citizens of a new
      kingdom which turns the wisdom of this world on its head. He calls
      us to a new paradigm...the kingdom of God.

      It sounds pretty radical...that's because it is!

      Love and peace,

      "To obey is better than sacrifice."

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