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Re: [Loops_and_Telecoils] FW: News from Hearing Loss Association of America

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  • Stephen O. Frazier
    Hi loopers - people need not be a member of HLAA to receive this email newsletter. For any on the list who would like to get it on a regular basis, I suggest
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      Hi loopers - people need not be a member of HLAA to receive this email newsletter.  For any on the list who would like to get it on a regular basis, I suggest that you go to:  www.hearingloss.org , click on the enews signup link and sign up for this newsletter and also for the press releases.

      Stephen O. Frazier
      NM State Coordinator
      Hearing Loss Association of America
      (505) 401-4195
      On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 12:42:54 -0700 Michele Michaels <m.michaels@...> writes:

      For those of you who don’t get the E News from HLAA…also, note the two blurbs about looping!!


      Michele Michaels, B.A.

      Hard of Hearing Specialist

      Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

      1400 W. Washington , Room 126

      Phoenix, AZ 85007




      From: e-news [mailto:e-news@...]
      Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 11:44 AM
      To: Michele Michaels
      Subject: News from Hearing Loss Association of America


      Hearing Loss Association of America

      In this issue...

      Convention 2008

      Let's Meet



      Our Advertisers


      New, Inspirational Book by Hard of Hearing Reporter


      WCI Logo


      Dry & Store Logo

      Visit Dry and Store and save 10%


      Hamilton CapTel 


      Krown Manufacturing



      Visual Language Interpreters Logo

      Cape Fear Coast , North Carolina , Oceanfront Vacation Condo Rentals. Click here to send inquiry to HLAA member.


      Hearing Loss Association of America

      7910 Woodmont Ave Ste 1200
      Bethesda, Maryland 20814



      June 30, 2008


      Dear Michele,

      We're back! Read the HLAA Blog. See the photos. Many thanks to Jim Montgomery, member fromCalifornia , who took the majority of the photos plus others sent in from members. You are welcome to send us your photos. Send in attached JPG format. Rename each photo with a brief descriptive caption with .JPG after the words and send to Reno Photos.

      Read Cheryl Heppner's reports. Cheryl, executive director of theNorthern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons always graciously shares her detailed and personal reports with us.


      New Board of Trustees officers installed at the annual meeting: President Michael Stone (DC); Vice-President Jeannette Kanter (NY); Treasurer Peter Fackler (NY); Secretary Deb Charlea Baker (VT)

      Winner of the photo contest "En Route to Reno " is Ann Pruitt (currently of Oregon , formerly ofColorado ). The photo will be printed in the Reno Wrap-Up in the September/October Hearing Loss Magazine and Ann receives a one-year membership to HLAA to keep herself or to give as a gift. Congratulations Ann!


      LET'S MEET!

      In an effort to reach younger people with hearing loss, HLAA is laying the groundwork for an online social community through which members can interact, organize events, engage in advocacy efforts, access and upload captioned media, etc. Like many existing online social networks, this community will be largely user-driven, and thus we are calling on all readers (and especially our younger readers!) who might be interested in contributing. Contact Patrick Holkins at HLAA.



      The hearing loss and diabetes connection is talked about here. Read On...



      New York City: The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is pleased to announce that a pilot program to test the functionality and public acceptance of Induction Loop Systems is now underway.  This pilot project constitutes the technology's first taxicab testing program in the nation. Read on...

      AirplaneGrand Rapids, Michigan : Gerald R. Ford International Airport officials are pleased to announce the installation of a hearing loop system on both airport concourses. This system enables individuals with telecoil (T-coil)-equipped hearing devices to have public address system announcements transmitted directly to their hearing aids. Read on...



      June 17, 2008: The news from Cammy Blackstone, legislative aide to Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, is that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to pass their captioning ordinance today!
      This ordinance will make San Francisco City and County the first in the country to mandate that all televisions in public places within San Francisco County have their captioning on when the television is on. HLAA Members Dana Mulvany and Ron Vickery were on site for this.  They believe that there is another go round on this after this one.  We will let all of you know if so.  But the news from Cammy is that it PASSED!




      New list serv for State and Chapter newsletter editors.   Sign up here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HLAA_Newsletter_Editors/

      To find an HLAA Chapter near you, go to  www.hearingloss.org/chapters/index.asp.



      Member Dave Pearson sends us the article about the 19-year-old, Tyson Gillies, who has a profound hearing loss who wears two hearing aids. He plays in the AquaSox Baseball team for Dave's local area ( Everett , Washington ).
      Read on...



      ACTION ALERT!  21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, H.R. 6320, Introduced in the United States House of Representatives.
      Read on...

      The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 passes the United States House of Representatives by huge margin: 402-17! Read on...

      Hearing Loss Association of America sponsors national forum on disability issues featuring 2008 presidential candidates (invited). Read on...



      Washington University is seeking participants with sensory and/or mobility disabilities.
      Read on...


      San Francisco SPCA Responds
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