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  • nancycalhoun40
    Jun 6, 2012
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      Thanks Deb! We need to traditional email the group, some may need directions on navigating to this site and "joining" so that they can play! I like the idea of using postcards as the longarm tour ticket, we still have to figure out if we are charging $ for this, and how we will collect it. It was a very productive meeting! Hope to keep it that way. Gathering my thoughts to produce a meeting summary for everyone soon.
      --- In LongarmersUnplugged@yahoogroups.com, "longarmersunplugged" <deborah.joyner5@...> wrote:
      > This is the first message for the Longarmers Unplugged Yahoo groups. website. I was just thinking what we talked about on Sunday and decided to start the groups. Who knows what's next, a blog?
      > I'll contact the members via an e-mail and direct them to the site.
      > Please practice basic etiquette. No flaming anyone on the site.
      > Be respectful and have positive input to the group.
      > No question is dumb. Sitting in silence and not having an answer is.
      > I'm off to e-mail you.
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