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158Re: [LongIslandCamping] Storm Door Mod

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  • Hal Kench
    Apr 29, 2011
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      Good luck. We are headed to indian island next weekend. First trip of the season.

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      From: licountrygirl <licountrygirl@...>
      Fri, Apr 29, 2011 17:34:59 GMT+00:00
      [LongIslandCamping] Storm Door Mod


      Last year I talked about getting a piece of plexiglass to make my camper doors "pet proof." Harley was quick in tearing the screen again last year with her nails so this year I am putting my mind to it and getting it done.

      I just called Lowes and they have the thin clear sheets and GET THIS - they will cut it for you!! I called Home Depot and they won't cut it.

      I don't remember my exact dimesions from when I measure last year but I gave the guy at Lowes an idea of 24"x20" for the bottom and 24"x36" for the top and he told me that the thinnest piece would do the trick and GET THIS - it would only be about $21 per sheet!

      Just think - never having to worry about the dog ripping the screen again and one of the best parts is being able to keep the door open when you have the AC or heat on! That's one thing I always hated about the camper door - not being able to see out when we were inside.

      I am so psyched about this. Don't forget the Velcro strips or you can make a more permanent solution by using window sreen replacement hardware that you can attach.

      Hope this idea helps!

      First trip out is Memorial Day Weekend at Smith's Point :) can't wait.

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