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1352nd week of camping at Smith's Point

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  • Desiree
    Jul 13 7:21 PM
      Don't reserve site 261 - we have a major ant problem and the park won't fix it. They said because it's protected wetlands, they can't just spray. They have invaded my camper - ants everywhere. I've sprayed the entire camper with Raid and it's helping, but the critters are everywhere. It's absolutely disgusting. I had to take all my food out while I was spraying and wiping everything. I should have known there was going to be a problem when we first pulled up because the fire pit was completely filled with ants.

      We had some nasty weather today, people who left their easy up or first up canopies lost them - all mangled and messed up. The wind picked up fast and knocked so much stuff down. It poured, too.

      Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Other than that, we've had a great time since Saturday afternoon.