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  • Jane
    Secrets and Seduction Jane Beckenham Samhain Publishing
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      Secrets and Seduction

      Jane Beckenham

      Samhain Publishing



      Between Mac’s stubborn refusal to back down and the constant uncertainty of whether she’d be able to keep the roof over their heads, Leah couldn’t take any more. And what about her secrets? They had to be kept, for Charlee’s sake.

      Everything crowded in on her brain, overwhelming her. Too many things to do, too many bills, and all the time Mac checking up on her, his powerful presence a threat not just to her security, but to the part of her she had locked away.

      She sank to her knees, dropped her head to her chest and just sat there. Then the tears launched.

      Tears for everything.

      For death. For the loss of hope and love, and what could have been. Dreams she had thought would come true. For loving a man who had failed her too many times to count.

      And for how hard it had been.

      She tugged her scarf from her head, and a tumble of curls fell across her eyes, mixing hair with tears.

      Lost in misery, she barely noticed the touch of warm hands on her shoulders, drawing her from the bleakness.

      “Leah?” Mac pulled her to her feet. Not one iota of humor shone in his dark eyes, but something strangely comforting that wrenched at the tenuous grip she had on her emotions. Suddenly, it became easier to simply give in to the strong arms holding her as warm fingers, their tips surprisingly roughened, threaded through her curls, cupping her head so that she snuggled into the curve of his shoulder.

      Leah inhaled the hint of his masculine scent manipulating her olfactory senses, offering a hint of a life so different from the musky aroma she knew of earth and plants.

      Then his lips slanted across hers in the barest of kisses, caressing the side of her cheek. Her eyes shuttered, fingertips trailing across his bare chest, sensitive to the race of his heartbeat, lost to a world of sensations she hadn’t felt for…

      “No!” What the hell was she thinking? Doing? Leah stiffened her spine, every inch of her aware of the hard body against hers, the warmth it offered…and the comfort.

      Cold comfort.


      Four Cup Review – Literary Nymphs




      Secrets and Seduction

      Jane Beckenham



    • Jane
      Secrets and Seduction Jane Beckenham Samhain Publishing In
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 23, 2012

        Secrets and Seduction

        Jane Beckenham

        Samhain Publishing


        In the distance, the muffled wail of a fire engine echoed, and Leah’s heart skipped a beat, her body stiffening. She wanted desperately to block the sound out, but it drowned everything, even the roar of her heart, until all she could hear was the wail of the siren, screeching, warning, bleeding her dry.

        “Leah? Leah?”

        A voice clawed at her subconscious, a strong, confident voice, and a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes sprang open.

        Mac! He was here. Holding her safe.

        “It’s okay.” He ran a hand the length of her back, murmuring soothing words in her ear.

        “No, it isn’t.” She pulled away, shaking her head. “It will never be okay again. I heard a fire engine. There’s another fire.”

        With his free hand, he tilted her face up so that she looked at him. “Sweetheart, there’s no fire here.”

        The heat of Mac’s touch burned through her robe, stealing across her flesh. Dark eyes stormy with desire held hers in an unspoken embrace. Unthinkingly, she brushed the tip of her tongue across her lips.

        He clasped her face between his hands, the flat pad of one thumb brushing across her mouth. Her lips parted. She wanted to taste him.

        “If you do that again, I’ll have to kiss you,” he growled out.

        “Is that a warning?”

        “A promise. But then again,” he murmured, “I really don’t want an excuse not to.”




        Secrets and Seduction

        Jane Beckenham



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