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New release excerpt: Your Place or Mine by D.S. Craver

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  • Karen Wiesner
    Available now! Your Place or Mine by D.S. Craver Contemporary Romance Novella ISBN: 2940011065927 (electronic) Electronic release available now from
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      Available now!



      Your Place or Mine

      by D.S. Craver

      Contemporary Romance Novella
      ISBN:  2940011065927 (electronic)
      Electronic release available now from Smashwords





      Sydney Smith decides it’s time to move out of her tiny apartment and become a home owner. Blake Smith, no relation and a real hottie, also wants to see the duplex. A mix-up has them viewing it together. They both love the house. There’s also some sparks flying between the two of them, or is Sydney the only one feeling that way? A highly sensual story of fun, home-buying, and more…




      © D.S. Craver



      After ordering their steak dinners, Sydney said, “Don’t keep me in suspense any longer. I’m guessing your proposition has something to do with you saying we have a lot in common.”

      He exhaled a deep breath. “Promise you won’t leave after I tell you what I thought we could do about the house.”

      “I’ll stay. I don’t want you to eat my steak.”

      He grinned. “That’s a good reason. When I got my first real job─”

      “What was your job?”

      “I did an internship in civil engineering so had a job right after college.” He took a drink of his beer. “Three friends and I decided to buy a house together. I was thinking that’s what we could do. We can buy the duplex together. Of course, we need to learn more about each other before we even decide if buying the house will work for us.”

      Whoa. Buy a house with Mr. Hottie Engineer. Could she sleep under the same roof, even though he’d be on the other side? She pulled the paper holder off her silverware and napkin. “You don’t waste time. We just met. I don’t─”

      “I should’ve mentioned we’ll keep our relationship platonic which should be easy enough to do with the house built for two families.”

      Staring at his lips, she wondered how Blake could look sexy while saying the word platonic. And why had he even mentioned anything about their relationship? Did he want one with her? “Hey, what’s this all about? Platonic relationship. Where did that come from? You can’t assume I’d want to sleep with you just because we bought the duplex together.”

      He frowned. “I’m sorry. It came out wrong. I was afraid you’d think my proposition included that. I’m stupid, okay.”

      “You’re serious about this business arrangement? You really think we should buy the dream house together?”

      He nodded. “We both like it and want it so I thought this might be a possibility. I figured you don’t have a significant other right now since you didn’t bring anyone with you to look at the house.”

      She ran her finger around the rim of her glass. “You’re right. I don’t have any special guy in my life. My boyfriend dumped me by a text. We’d dated less than two months, but still I don’t like that he couldn’t tell me in person, or call me to tell me it was over. But that’s okay. I’m going to get a column out of it and tell how rude it is to break up with someone by texting them.”

      “I agree. You’re better off without him. I want to read your column. What’s the name of it?”

      “Sydney’s Sassy Suggestions to Singles.” When another idea occurred to her for an article, she drummed her fingers on the table. “Even though I don’t think much of texting to break off a relationship, email breakup can be a good thing. It offers more privacy to the person being dumped. But an email breakup should always give an offer of a face-to-face meeting if he-or-she-who-was dumped wanted one. I’ll have to write about different ways to breakup in my column.”


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