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General Concern: Open Letter to Readers...Re: PP# 951833...

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    HOMICIDE; Comments Spur Concern Over Value of human Life... http://facebook.com/Mencken1 Dear Readers: Are we so insensitive that yet another homicide is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2010
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      HOMICIDE; Comments Spur Concern Over Value of human Life...

      Dear Readers:
         Are we so insensitive that yet another homicide is 'just another homicide'? Who was PP # 951833? was he just another punk? Did he really get what he' deserved', as according to some graffiti etched on a railroad pillar? Was it 'insensitive' when even the police remarked "Well, he had it coming for awhile?
         If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there does it make a sound? If a drug dealer, addict with a criminal past gets gunned down in the street like a dog, does anyone cry? Does anyone hear those tears or feel that pain?
         PP # 951833 was Albert Joseph Munger, someone's son, someone's grandson and a human being with a heart, and a pulse and red blood like the rest of our relatives, sons, daughters, and neices and nephews and parents. I knew 'of' him, but, yes, I knew his parent and his grandparents. I knew his father and his Uncle, and despite whomever people said he was--or, if in fact whomever or whatever he was, yes, tears fell for this young traveler on his journey too.
         It is unacceptable for those whose job it is to enforce the law to speak disdainfully about any death---yes, even of another criminal. I will NOT accept or tolerate it-- nor should we as a community, or as human beings. "Albie" to some "Aries" to others was still a human life, and all human life is precious; it's illegal to take our own, yet when one, just another one is taken--we're cavalier enough to be smug and sarcastic about the 'value' of that life. I'm not a 'religious' man, but who gave us the right to play "God" and decide whom is and is not valuable? And, by what standards?
         Only when we 'value' ALL human life, the message of STOP the violence may get through. How can we tell children that when we so easily pick up arms against a neighbor, a country, the rest of the world? How can we stop the violence--against police officers, or combat the climate of 'stop snitchin' when police officers make ignorant remarks of the death of a 'child'...he WAS someone's child!
         To the 'system' that failed him he was known as "PP#951833" to some of the community he was "Aries" and to others he was just "Albie"; but, to those he loved--and who loved him he IS and always will be Albert Joseph Munger--and yes, may he Rest In Peace as well. NO ONE "DESERVES" to be gunned down in the street. Think about your own children--and remember that. 
      With Respect and Condolences for your loss to the Munger family,
      D. Michael Blackie, Port Richmond
      former Fishtown resident (Tulip & Norris [George's Corner])
      Go Green, read it from the screen. Please consider the environment before printing.

      215.739.ARGO (2746)

      "The Task of the Journalist is to Comfort the Afflicted, and to Afflict the Comfortable." --Peter Finley Dunne

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      D. Michael Blackie aka "Mencken1"

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