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    Who Are The Real Heroes of Philadelphia? Community Heroes: A Video Project Explores Leaders logannews@yahoo.com Hunting Park-- Who are the real heroes of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2006

      Who Are The 'Real Heroes' of Philadelphia?
      "Community Heroes: A Video Project" Explores Leaders

      Hunting Park-- Who are the real heroes of our great city? Who do young people look up to in your neighborhood? Is there a community leader that set the example that you follow? What motivates community leaders to do the things that they do?

      Logan News Group and TEAM Hunting Park wants young filmmakers to volunteer for a video project that will explore that subject and document several key community leaders on video and tell the stories that motivated them. Using the curriculum of "Just Think" www.justthink.org and "Hidden Heroes" Production Guide www.hiddenheroes.com we will publish our work on the web and produce a DVD at the end of the project.

      We know that there are young filmmakers out there; whether it be shooting footage of skaters in LOVE Park or around City Hall, or documenting the city's many cultural and arts events. We want to engage you in this project. It's an opportunity to 'show your stuff'...to capture, on film, the exciting stories of those you admire in your own community.

      No filmmaking experience is necessary, but if you have it great! We are seeking those with their own camera, and equipment. Don't feel left out if you don't have the latest Panasonic DVX-100 product. Other cameras and equipment are adaptable to the project's goals. Sound-techs, and those with graphics experience may also apply.

      We need 10 commited individuals from ages 14 through adult for this project. Application deadline is October 1, 2006. If you have film clips, and can send them, it is helpful but not necessary. This is a 'hands-on' learning opportunity.  It's also an opportunity to share your own talent with someone who may need to learn what you know. We will all be enriched by what we learn from each other and our subjects.

      Don't delay. Respond today, while you can. To volunteer for this endeavor send a brief statement of why you want to become involved to TEAMHuntingPark@... with "Vidoeo Project" in the subject line. Include clips if you have them. Make sure we have a telephone number to reach you. We will begin responding to emails by September 26, 2006. The last chance to register will be on October 1, 2006.

      Be a filmmaker. Get involved today. Who are the "Hidden Heroes" in your community? Let us know.

      NOTE: Organizations may participate in this project, and refer students and/or "Hereoes" for our documentary. We're looking for a total of 10 participants and about an equal number of subjects. Footage will include significant community landmarks as well. If your group, or scholl or community organization has access to equipment; sound proof rooms; 'sets' and you can volunteer as a project 'mentor' please email us with your contact information prior to September 26th. We look forward to hearing from you. Be a Hero!

      A Liberty Communications Group, LLC Company
      2006 Logan News Group/TEAM Hunting Park

      LINKS: http://phillyfuture.org/blog/769 www.xanga.com/Mencken

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