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    *Girard College Students Accosted at Gunpoint *No One Hurt, But School Implements Safety Plan By Nathaniel Johnson Reporter369@yahoo.com *North Philadelphia--*
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
      Girard College Students Accosted at Gunpoint
      No One Hurt, But School Implements Safety Plan
      By Nathaniel Johnson

      North Philadelphia-- Two eighth grade students who
      attend Girard College were allegedly accosted, at
      gunpoint on Friday, February 17th. The incident took
      place near Ridge Avenue as the students waited for the
      bus. The unidentified students were on the way home
      for the weekend from the prestigious walled school
      near 20th and Girard.

      The students were not injured, but shook up, and
      followed school instructions about this type of
      incident and returned immediately to the safety of the
      school. Campus Patrol alerted Philadelphia Police and
      an investigation was launched into the incident.

      According to the Office of the President of Girard
      College "the students returned to school and were
      taken to the local police station..." A letter was
      issued to all faculty and staff to alert them to the
      situation and remind them of the seriousness of
      stressing safety to the children. President Dominic
      Cermele in a written statement says "We do our best
      provide a safe environment for students and employees,
      but our urban setting precludes living behind our
      walls at all times. Please help us teach your children
      to exercise prudence and caution once they are outside
      the walls."

      Administration at the school will be meeting with the
      captain of the 23rd police district and requesting
      additional, beefed up patrols as children leave for
      the weekend on Fridays, between the hours of 3 and 6
      PM. Girard College stresses that the children involved
      were not hurt. Parents retrieved the students and they
      were taken home safely. Campus Patrols and Safety
      Staff remind faculty and staff that they must be
      vigilant and aware of the climate in the
      community--outside the safe, secure walls of the

      Students below 5th grade are never allowed to leave
      the school without an adult; no student should ever
      wait for the bus or trolley alone. Safety staff also
      point out that students who do not live in the
      immediate surrounding area should avoid certain
      streets around the school.

      Girard College issued a statement to parents stressing
      "...students did exactly what we tell them to do in a
      potentially violent situation; they did not confront
      the armed robber. They gave him what little money they
      had and returned immediately, as soon as safely
      possible to the school's campus."

      The names of the students or parents are not being
      released for safety and confidentiality reasons.
      Police sources say that the incident is under
      investigation and that they will not comment on patrol
      forces or techniques.

      Meanwhile, students say they feel safe--both in the
      school and outside. "It's an isolated incident. But,
      it's also a part of living in a big city." said a
      Girard College High School Senior inside CVS at Broad
      and Girard last Friday. When asked if he was aware of
      the incident prior to this he responded "No, it's the
      first I heard of it."

      Nathaniel Johnson is "Crime and Safety" reporter for
      The Logan TIMES~Independent. He resides in
      Willingboro, NJ. He may be reached at

      Edited and posted by: Logan News Group (M. Delgado)
      04 Mar 2006 18:37:09 0500 (Eastern) USA

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