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Motivational Minutes: Managed Mediocrity...

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    Managed Mediocrity...or Excellent Excellence? You Decide The Level of Your Contribution D. Michael Blackie, DMB COMMUNICATIONS By all the world s standards, W.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Managed Mediocrity...or Excellent Excellence?
      You Decide The Level of Your Contribution
      D. Michael Blackie,
      By all the world's standards, W. Page Pitt should have been a complete and utter failure! Instead, he enjoyed acclaim. As the head of the Journalism department at Marshall University, he did what he loved best. He taught journalism.
      Pitt was nearly blind. He lost almost of his sight at a young age, and never let it interfere with the passion he had about things. He even played baseball. Listening intently for the sound of a ball as it came whistling near him, or along the first base line as a low ball came thrashing through the grass. To compensate for his lack of sight he sharpened other skills.
      He earned quite a reputation as a "slave driver" among college students. In addition, he earned praise and admiration for being a top notch professor. Pitt never once thought about taking offers of more money, or attending special schools especially for the blind and visually impaired. They didn't come any better than W. Page Pitt.
      Pitt considered "handicaps" to be lethargy, irresponsibility, and a lack of ambition or desire. But, never once did he consider his visual problem a handicap. He once told students " If I teach you nothing more than to want to do something with your lives, this course will have been a magnificent success."  Pitt often growled at his students "You are not here to learn mediocrity! You are here to learn to excel." 
      Once he explained to his students "Listen, If I send you out to get a story and you break your leg and can not get it, call me before the ambulance arrives and I'll forgive you." He went on to tell the astounded students, "..[but]
      don't give me excuses. They wound me, and further explanations pour salt in the wound."
      W. Page Pitt. Journalism professor and expounder of excellence! Are you managing mediocrity? Or are you working toward attaining excellence? THINK ABOUT IT! 
      Don't let lethargy, irresponsibility and a lack of ambition or desire stop you from living above the level of mediocrity. Strive to achieve excellence in all you do.
      Adapted from: Profiles in Faith by Harold Sala fifty inspirational readings based on the lives of people who changed the world. Available in bookstores. Paperback. 96 pages $3.95 (Value Books/Barbour)
      Special Thanks to Andres Fajardo, a friend and an encourager. DMB
      Print Media/Publicity; Media Relations; Copywriting/Editing
      your ONE source for all your needs. 215-324-8933  info@...
      Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.  --Helen Keller
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