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KIDNAPPED: Missing Girl Found...Six Years Later...

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    Missing Girl Long Presumed Dead, Found Alive and Well Mother and Daughter Reunion After Six Years By: Vlad Feldscher logannewseditor@yahoo.com special
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
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      Missing Girl Long Presumed Dead, Found Alive and Well
      Mother and Daughter Reunion After Six Years
      By: Vlad Feldscher logannewseditor@...
      special contributor to Logan News Group
      FELTONVILLE- - A mother, a daughter; a reunion after six long years, and a case of arson, turned kidnapping set the stage for a dramatic discovery. Police in Philadelphia are seeking a woman in connection with a fire set in a Feltonville home, over six years ago. That fire supposedly consumed the body and all remains of an infant girl. Only, now, that girl, missing all this time is being reunited with her mother. Thanks mostly to that mothers undying love and hurt for her child.
      DNA testing has proved that a six year old girl seen at a birthday party by her natural mother is in fact the child stolen by another woman. In an elaborate scheme to cover up the kidnapping, that woman set fire to a house. All these years police have believed that the intense heat, flames and results of the fire consumed the infant body of the now six year old child.
      At the time of the fire, 10 day old Delimar Vera had been believed lost. Lost to the arson fire set by another woman staying with Vera's mother at the time. She apparently set the house ablaze to cover her misdeed of kidnapping her friend's infant. The home was completely destroyed. It was a devastating tragedy for the mother, her family and neighbors. Now, that tragedy has turned to a joyous reunion for the mother and the six year old.
      Police are seeking the other female and since early January of this year, Vera and her natural mother are getting reacquainted. Police say that Vera's mother recognized her child-whom she hadn't seen since she was ten days old, at a birthday party. Acting on her suspicions, and after careful DNA analysis it proved her suspicions were correct. As the mother and child are reunited, police are rejoicing in this as well. Although it means another open, unsolved case, it clears up a long standing mystery.
      Detectives say it's only a matter of time before they locate the other woman wanted in the kidnap, arson plot, to bring her to justice, and to face her accuser. Justice is not always swift, but it is sometimes very thorough. In this case, a mother's love and being reunited are their own rewards.
      *Vladimir Feldscher is a Feltonville resident. This is his first story for Logan News Group. (eds).
      The Logan TIMES~Independent
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