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Haas Park Expansion

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  • Mark Homocore
    Well we now have a group named All Ages Chicago. Apparently the owner of the Fireside is saying that the deal fell through in March and that he s going to
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 30, 2002
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      Well we now have a group named "All Ages Chicago."
      Apparently the owner of the Fireside is saying that
      the deal fell through in March and that he's going to
      sue us for spreading misinformation. Of course he
      won't tell us or any media outlet that - he's just
      creating rumors that are false as far as I can tell.

      Folks from the city and the park district say the deal
      is on, and the only thing that might kill the deal is
      if Midas ends up being over valued as a business
      thereby killing the alloted budget.

      All Ages Chicago has started doing benefit shows. We
      plan to first raise enough money to get a space to
      lease (the soundproofing, audio equipment, and legal
      fees will probably be more than a lease). After a few
      years we hope to have enough money raised to buy a
      building - hopefully in our neighborhood. ;-)

      As far as parks go we have already stated our support
      of the expansion to the Haas Park neighbors. As a
      Logan Square homeowner I'm quite aware of how
      underserved we are!

      So that's what I know - I was hoping that someone had
      more info, but it sounds unlikely.


      > I had been thinking of asking you, Mark,
      > whether there has been any progress on finding a new
      > site for Fireside's music. Is there? It's
      > unfortunate
      > when there are competing issues of importance to the

      > neighborhood. We vitally need more park space and
      > bigger parks that offer more activities for more
      > people. Please don't knock the proposed expansion
      > of
      > Haas. Let's work, instead, to maintain the music!

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