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  • ginaf3
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      > on page 5 of the january 24th issue of the extra it was noted that a new
      > has been proposed for the logan square library: 3020-46 w .fullerton the
      > north side of the street between sacramento and albany. if you wish to
      > comment on the site contact the city of chicago public building commission
      > 312.744.390.
      > i feel that our community would be better served if the library was
      > at fullerton and kimball for the following reasons:
      > 1. two bus lines stop at that corner making it accesable. the
      > north/south bus line west of sacramento is 8 blocks away at kimball. this
      > a hardship for seniors, parents with preschoolers and many school age
      > children.
      > 2. there is already an existing business district at fullerton and
      > kimball both the library and the businesses would benefit each other
      > 3. there are homes and businesses between albany and sacramento,
      > fullerton and kimball is empty land already cleared. any history on who
      > owns, has owned is the realtor for those parcels.
      > perhaps you have an alternate spot. time is of the essence call now
      > margaret
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