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March 4th! A Logan Square Pub Stroll

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  • Keith Gambrinus
    Dear Draught Preservationists & Friends: The Central Committee of the Logan Square Draught Beer Preservation Society is pleased to announce the itinerary
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
      Dear Draught Preservationists & Friends:

      The Central Committee of the�Logan Square Draught�Beer�Preservation Society�is pleased to announce the�itinerary for�our�7th Annual�Logan Square Pub Stroll.�Bring Back the Draught!

      A Hiking Day Pub Stroll Friday, March 4th, 2011, 6pm-11pm
      Celebrate our community's rich�tavern heritage and promising future with a leisurely walking tour of�Armitage�Avenue's finest draught houses.

      Stroll Itinerary:

      6pm�Humboldt�Liquors-- 3017 W. Armitage

      7pm - 9:30pm�Heart of Armitage Draught District
      --Streetside Cafe- 3201 W. Armitage
      --Tumbao- 3213 W. Armitage
      --Dorothy’s Liquor- 3219 W. Armitage
      --Marble- 3281 W. Armitage

      10pm�Weegee's Lounge-- 3659 W. Armitage

      Note: Stroll participants will be issued "Report Cards" to evaluate each pub on objective criteria, such as honest pour, freshness, tap diversity, etc.

      Our Society was first launched with a stroll on Armitage Avenue�back in 2005. As we revisit the genesis of our movement, it is a fine time to reflect on our many accomplishments while preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.�Please�mark�your calendar and help us make this year's stroll our best ever!

      Kind Regards,
      Keith Gambrinus
      Interim Secretary, Logan Square Draught Beer Preservation Society www.BringBacktheDraught.org
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