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Re: Lots of new LR2 materials

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  • wishyashy
    Amazing. Keep up the awesome work. Best, Tsee
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2012
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      Amazing. Keep up the awesome work.


      --- In LodeRunner@yahoogroups.com, Anthony Kozar <mailing-lists-1001@...> wrote:
      > Greetings Lode Runner fans!
      > All during January, I have been working on a number of new and updated
      > resources for the game Lode Runner 2. I am very pleased to finally be able
      > to share them all with you! The new LR2 materials are on my web site at
      > http://www.anthonykozar.net/loderunner/
      > New stuff includes:
      > Maze level sets C & D
      > LR2 Level Generators 1.3
      > PRX Utilities software
      > LR2 Image and Audio Extractors (by Toastline)
      > LR2 technical documentation (by Toastline and myself)
      > Maze level sets C & D include 100 new random, computer-generated levels made
      > with the latest version of my program Maze Generator.
      > Version 1.3 of Maze Generator adds the ability to create levels in multiple
      > worlds with 9 different styles (combinations of bricks).
      > The PRX Utilities includes two new programs: one that lists the contents of
      > a PRX file and another that can extract all of the resources or just the
      > ones you want. (LR2 stores all of its game data in PRX files).
      > In 2010, I started corresponding with Toastline, another LR2 enthusiast, and
      > we have been able to figure out quite a bit about the LR2 data files. In
      > particular, Toastline has decoded much of the XPK and XMV graphics formats
      > and some of the PRX format. And I have dissected the level file and PRX
      > format some more so that I feel we are much closer to being able to build
      > entire new worlds for LR2 including not just levels, but new graphics and
      > sounds too.
      > This research led Toastline to create two programs, his LR2 Image and Audio
      > Extractors, that run on Windows and are now available from my web site. It
      > is also why I wrote the PRX Utilities. Source code is included with all of
      > these LR2 utilites so that others may build upon our work.
      > Finally, Toastline recently suggested that I should publish what we know
      > online, and so I have assembled the "LR2 technical documents" which explains
      > everything that the two of us have discovered so far about the LR2 data
      > formats. It is our hope that the availability of this documentation will
      > spur renewed interest in a great game and that other people will use and
      > build upon the knowledge that we have obtained to create new and exciting
      > resources for LR2.
      > So, I hope that some of you will find all of these new LR2 materials
      > interesting, informative, and fun. And if you make anything new for LR2,
      > please share your discoveries and creations.
      > Enjoy!
      > --
      > Anthony Kozar
      > the "Analog Kid",
      > DigItAll Archaeologist
      > http://www.anthonykozar.net/
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