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Troop Carrier Homecoming Info

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  • SamBlu82@aol.com
    Our Troop Carrier Homecoming site is down, we hope only temporarily, due to major server problems. Something happened to Steve Ruffin s server earlier this
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
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      Our Troop Carrier Homecoming site is down, we hope only temporarily, due to major server problems. Something happened to Steve Ruffin's server earlier this week and he is working feverishly to work them out. Meanwhile, I am putting the list of those who have registered and other information on the site I set up before we got our own domain at http://hometown.aol.com/blndbat/reunion.html. So far, we've got right at fifty registrants (meaning they have sent in a registration form and fee) while several others have made reservations at the hotel and many have indicated they are planning to come. A good number of the registrants are loadmasters, some of whom date back to the early 1950s when the field came into being.
      We've also decided to make the caps available to those who can't make it to Galveston but would like to have one to identify themselves with the troop carrier/tactical airlift mission. They're available at $15.00 apiece, including postage. If you'd like one or more, contact me at the address below and specify which cap you'd like - TAC Troop Carrier, TAC Airlift, PACAF Troop Carrier, PACAF TAC Airlift, USAFE Troop Carrier or World War II Troop Carrier Command. Proceeds will go into the reunion fund.
      Sam McGowan - Troop Carrier Homecoming (Caps)
      3727 Hill Family Lane
      Missouri City, TX 77459
      We're also planning to make Homecoming an annual event to be held each year in Galveston over Veterans Day Weekend. That'll give people a place to make plans for.  After all, Galveston is a nice little island town with a lot to do and that time of year is slow. We did have a scare last week when Hurricane Rita threatened the island, but it came ashore further to the east along the Texas-Louisiana state line and damage on the island was minimal.
      Although the Galveston-Houston area was spared, parts of East Texas and western Louisiana were devastated, although loss of life was minimal. One former loadmaster that I know for sure is in the devastated area is Jay Walker, who served with the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron, who lives in Vidor, Texas on the banks of the Sabine River. I'm sure there are many others in the area who were also affected. The little town of Cameron, Louisiana was wiped out and other coastal towns were flooded while Lake Charles and Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas all suffered major damage.
      Sam McGowan
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