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1560Re: rail wrenches/pubs bags

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  • sanman_c130lm
    Apr 17, 2013
      pls remember to reply to post so the group can see/ help
      and this will also help your privacy of email address..

      PTL (praise the load)

      my name is Richard I am a retired c-130 I- lm, jai,adsb, etc, etc
      the black leather navigator pubs bag was great it held up and carrried 50 lbs of books plus personal equip,food rations guns n ammo etc. i still have it, tuff ole bag.
      on the rail wrench i have one too, also i have my c-130 slide rule, i can look for the wrench and see if it has a name or stock number,
      you may email me back anytime. where ya all stationed at ?
      i live at ther beach, carolina beach, nc, pla life member too.
      my last station was flying tigers 2 nd als in the mickey mouse acc outfit., i put my papers in after the f-16 came between me and lead, it hit jose and came back at us the jocks punched out and the bird went down and created a big tragedy, we were treated rather raw as we were all scattered to the 4 winds and upon landing we got the kgb to the nth degree, so i put my retirement papers in the next duty day at home station.
      any rate let me know of what i may help you with.
      fly safe brothers n sisters.
      richard W.

      I've got some info about the "dogbone" rail tool and flight pubs. Is this for the new 130 unit at the Conneticut Air Guard?

      V/R. Msgt Alec Mcguyver
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      --- In Loadmaster@yahoogroups.com, "sanman_c130lm" Sir,

      > I'm looking for info on the rail wrench for the c-130's. How to order/ formal name and where to order from. This is for standup of a new c-130H unit.
      > Also what pubs bags are being used now? which ones work best/last longest? E-pubs? Form F programs for C-130H1's and 2's?
      > thanks
      > PTL
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