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1559Re: rail wrenches/pubs bags

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  • John F.L
    Apr 11, 2013
      --- In Loadmaster@yahoogroups.com, "sanman_c130lm" <jmsancartier@...> wrote:
      > I'm looking for info on the rail wrench for the c-130's. How to order/ formal name and where to order from. This is for standup of a new c-130H unit.
      > Also what pubs bags are being used now? which ones work best/last longest? E-pubs? Form F programs for C-130H1's and 2's?
      > thanks
      > PTL
      I've got one in my flight bag and another on one of our airplanes. I think one or the other has a data plate on it. I'll look when I'm back in the US next week.

      John Limbach
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