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Re: HTTPS With in Performance center

I was unable to make TLS1.2 work with vugen 12.1. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 12:33 PM, eswar b eswar.bulb@...
Anup Agrawal
Feb 8, 2016

Software Test Project Estimation: An use cases and functions based a

Dear All, After a long time finally I have published my Software Test Project Estimation Tool. I have started working on it back to 2008 and now 2016. Tool
Feb 8, 2016

Re: HTTPS With in Performance center

Oops, Performance Center or VuGen? If Performance Center and is licensed, I recommend on site support, else no knowledge installing, configuring and
Sean Littlejohn
Feb 3, 2016

Re: HTTPS With in Performance center

Take a gander at the recording log, else use the developer tools available in all browsers. Network option is my fav Sent from my iPhone
Sean Littlejohn
Feb 3, 2016

Re: HTTPS With in Performance center

It works really well if you know what you are doing and have experience Sent from my iPhone
John Crunk
Feb 3, 2016

Re: HTTPS With in Performance center

We have a question as to how the HP Performace Center software works as it pertains to https. When using a browser today, if all forms of https are turned on,
eswar b
Feb 3, 2016

Re: How to randomize listbox options in Ajax tru client script

Same as any other script. Program the selection of the item maybe with a random number generator Sent from my iPhone ... Same as any other script. Program the
John Crunk
Oct 12, 2015

How to randomize listbox options in Ajax tru client script

I am developing an Ajax TruClient script and want to randomize the selection of options in listbox. I am using below code in "Evaluate JavaScript" var
Oct 11, 2015

Re: Date comparison

if that's the exact code... it shouldn't compile as rNum in the second lr_save_datetime isn't declared, but never mind 1. separate the maths from the
Jim Howell
Apr 12, 2015

Date comparison

I wrote the following piece of code to get the dates as follows: Start date is any date from today to 1 year ago and end date should not be more than 30 days
Apr 11, 2015

Re: nca_connect_server error

I would be a bit surprised if the nca port was 443... Typically the web port is port 443 but the NCA server port is different. Is that what was recorded?
Corey Bailey
Jan 2, 2015

mobile application performance testing

hi , I am testing an application on Ipad and Android tablets. How to capture traffic on these devices and generate scripts in vugen. Thanks
Jan 2, 2015

nca_connect_server error

Hi, I am using Oracle Web App 11i protocol and I am getting an error in the Oracle NCA part. It is throwing a Warning: failed to receive data from the server
Jan 2, 2015

Re: SAP Test

what's your question mate?....... I mean what do want to know? On Saturday, 8 November 2014, 10:13, "chirag vanvi chirag_vanvi2006@... [LoadRunner]"
Mola Hussain
Dec 29, 2014

SAP Test

Hi Friends, How are you!! I need your help regarding Load Runner One of my client develop the portal in SAP and i have a Load Runner 11 version with Web &
chirag vanvi
Nov 7, 2014
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