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33887Re: [LoadRunner] Suppressing errors

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  • Plummer.cc
    Oct 9, 2013
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      Brad Plummer

      On Oct 9, 2013, at 4:10 PM, Corey Bailey <corey.bailey@...> wrote:


      Add an attribute to web_reg_save_param_ex for “NotFound=warning”




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      Subject: [LoadRunner] Suppressing errors



      Hi Folks,


      I have some dynamic data that is either there or not depending on the condition.  I'm capturing it with a web_reg_save_param_ex. 

      I can dynamically  lr_continue_on_error (1); to avoid the script ending. I have an if statement based on strlen. If there is data, run the next block of code and if not, skip it.  If there is no data, the web_reg_save_param_ex throws an error and the script shows failed even though it passed.  Is there a function to suppress the error so it shows a pass?




      Brad Plummer 

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