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33882Re: [LoadRunner] RE: LR License in Virtual Environment

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  • Punjatani Molayi
    Oct 5 4:39 PM
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      Thanks James for your prompt and detailed reply.

      I've already told my employer about the ramification of moving into VM environment but I think they don't care.

      From: James Pulley <loadrunner-lists@...>
      To: loadrunner@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, 4 October 2013 1:09 AM
      Subject: [LoadRunner] RE: LR License in Virtual Environment

      Sounds like a model where someone who doesn’t understand what you do, why you do it and how you do it has now dictated your working model which impacts both your tools and potentially your test results integrity.   Welcome to the world of highly variant intial and in-test conditions which then impact your test results.   You will also want to examine very carefully the LoadRunner license agreement related to remote access for the virtualized desktop environments and how the license model and your remote access model work either in concert with one another or against one another.   In short, if you don’t have performance center and you are accessing from a remote site you could run into issues.   Let your legal department examine the license and your use model for the controllers and the locations of the users as a check point.
      Was your input solicited before this decision was made as to whether this was the best model for your tools?
      You also seem to be running your virtual users on the controllers.   This is not a recommended practice.   The controller is busy enough during the test, you should have your load generators on hosts independent of the controller.   Some people will collocate their SiteScope instance for monitoring with the LoadRunner controller.   For a 100 user test this is probably OK, but as you move up in users and test complexity then you will want to dedicate a host (or series of hosts) for SiteScope infrastructure to pull the system monitor data.   It would appear right now that you have controller, SiteScope and your virtual users all on one host and now you are about to move to an environment where you don’t control your shared resource elements on the Hypervisor host, something which is certain to cause test to test variability in results.
      As for the new HOST keys.  It will be the same as with any LoadRunner installation.   You will need to deregister your existing controller nodes and then get a new host key for the new machine environments.   A new license key will be generated which has the host key dependencies noted.
      From: Punjatani Molayi [mailto:punjatanimolayi@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 8:08 AM
      To: loadrunner@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: LR License in Virtual Environment
      Hi Guys
      Do you know, how Loadrunner license work in the Virtual environment?
      At the moment we've got 5 machines (controllers) and each machine has a controller license for 100 vusers.
      That means we can run 100 vusers on each machine.
      Now we're moving to the virtual environment where each physical machine will be replaced with VDI. 
      Does it mean we'll get a controller (100 vusers) license for each VDI?
      I've been told that LR uses motherboard (CPU) to generate a licence key, if this is the case then how LR generates a license key for VDIs. 

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