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33860Re: TruClient Load Test

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  • Speedmaster
    Sep 12, 2013

      Just to add a bit more to what James said ...

      I've been using TC quite a bit over the last 12-18 months. It's a great solution for some things. But it's a bit unpolished as it's so new. And as you've seen, one downside is that's the hardware requirements are huge. Instead of simulating a browser like Web/HTTP, each TC vuser uses a real full browser instance. It eats RAM like crazy, and almost as much CPU. :-)


      --- In LoadRunner@yahoogroups.com, "Stimely, Noelle" <noelle.stimely@...> wrote:
      > Hi...
      > I am using the TruClient protocol for the first time to conduct a load test and need to have an idea of the resources needed. I downloaded the trial version to my laptop and was only able to run 30 users due to my only having 8GB memory and a 2.5GHz CPU. The load test I need to run requires 500 users. The controller I use (also acts as load generator) has 32GB memory and 2 CPU. According to my calculations, I think I will only be able to run 120 users max. Is there any way to limit the memory needed by TruClient? What have been any experiences? We have yet to purchase this protocol and I need to know the costs.
      > Thanks for your help!
      > NS
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