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[livingworld] LivingWorld Meeting Pre-Report

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  • Iquander@aol.com
    Cross-posted from the LivingWorld Discussion List ... Hello, everyone. In case you don t know me, I m Erik Mona. I ll be one of five members who will
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 1999
      Cross-posted from the LivingWorld Discussion List

      Hello, everyone.

      In case you don't know me, I'm Erik Mona. I'll be one of five members who will
      effectively "run" the Living Greyhawk campaign, along with Robert Wiese, TSR,
      and a WHOLE lot of RPGA members throughout the country.

      That you've signed up from this TALK list suggests that you're interested in
      learning more about what is sure to become a very big, very exciting project
      for the RPGA. I just got back from a series of weekend meetings at Wizards of
      the Coast, where Robert, Cisco Lopez-Fresquet and I met with various business-
      end folks to determine what exactly this campaign is going to look like, and
      how it's going to interact with the TSR product lines, both for Greyhawk and
      for the "Core" brand of D&D products.

      Cisco is well known to most of us as the Living City rules guru. He will also
      be a member of the five member Council who will administrate the campaign.
      Those of you who are Greyhawk fans will note that we're calling ourselves the
      "Circle of Five," for now. Those of you who are logic fans will notice that
      two members does not a "Circle of Five" make.

      Therefore, we're still looking for three more qualified members to take up the
      gauntlet and join us in our plot to create a perfect world. Or at least a
      really cool campaign. :)

      There are plenty of ways to help out with the campaign, though. In case you
      haven't heard, the Living World, or Living Greyhawk campaign (we haven't even
      chosen an official name for it, yet!) will involve splitting the real-world
      into a number of different regions. Each of these regions will take the role
      of a specific country in the Flanaess, the main continent of the Greyhawk

      Each of these regions will be administered by what we're calling a "Regional
      Triad," three members who will, effectively, run the campaign in their given
      region, with guidance from the Circle of Five when it comes to international
      events and overall campaign plot threads, rules, etc.

      By decentralizing things a bit, we hope to empower RPGA members everywhere to
      really take ownership of a corner of this campaign and shape it to fit their
      style of play (within a set of pre-determined and agreed-upon goals, of

      So, to begin, we're looking for people to fill the remaining "Circle of Five"
      and "Regional Triad" positions. Keep your eyes peeled on the official RPGA-
      News mailing list for exact details of what each of these positions entails,
      and how to go about applying for the positions. We'll also announce the
      regional breakdown, which has been primarily based on hard numbers, focusing
      on areas of high network activity.

      Though very preliminary plans for the Living Greyhawk campaign have been
      floating around for almost a year, the campaign itself is only now beginning
      to take shape. We're really trying to empower members to make Living Greyhawk
      _their_ campaign, so in that light, I'd like to officially open online
      discussion of the campaign.

      Cisco, Robert and I, as well as the friendly folks at TSR, have a lot of big
      ideas for the campaign, ideas that we think are pretty darn cool. There are
      only so many of us, though, and a lot of you. Most of the _really_ cool stuff
      hasn't even been thought up yet.

      So start thinkin'! Out loud, please. :)

      Let's try to keep discussion of the campaign off the main RPGA-Talk list, and
      focused here on the Living World egroup discussion list. I'm cross-posting
      this to RPGA-Talk, in hopes that people will read it and jump on over to the
      list created specifically for discussion of the new campaign.

      For info on how to join the list, point your browser to:


      (Thanks to Mark Middleton for setting up the list.)

      Anyway, this campaign is going to be really, really exciting. I'm certain many
      of you have lots of questions, so perhaps it's best to just start off by
      asking everyone to ask away. I'll try to do my best to answer any question
      that's put to me.

      Let's get it started!


      Erik Mona
      Living Greyhawk Administrator
      TSR Greyhawk Guru
      Guy About to Lose a LOT of Free Time :)

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