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[Living_Greyhawk] Re: Elven Thinblades?

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  • Mike Schneider
    ... Which issue? skip ... Which one? Mike.
    Message 1 of 58 , Jul 1 1:24 AM
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      At 11:32 PM -0700 6/30/03, Bryan Blumklotz wrote:
      >1) The Elven Thinblade was one weapon of many (quite a few of these
      >weapons were later published in Sword and Fist) from a Dragon Magazine
      >article authored by Andy Collins.

      Which issue?

      > > As far as I know, at this time it is impossible to use material from
      > > non-sanctioned sources in Living Greyhawk at this time, so there is
      > > no way to get such a blade now.
      >Actually, from what I understand it was a Year 2 scenario, and you
      >can still play it.

      <tearing hair out>

      Which one?


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    • james
      Message 58 of 58 , Jul 6 2:11 PM
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        On Wed Jul 6th, 2011 2:05 PM PDT themadprofessor wrote:

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