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Official D&D Next event - SCC 2013

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  • George
    My Gaming friends, It s a little early to think about next summer, but we ve been working hard to make it a special one.  Not only did our new friends Tracy
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2012
      My Gaming friends,

      It's a little early to think about next summer, but we've been working hard to make it a special one.  Not only did our new friends Tracy and Laura Hickman choose to return to Houston, for writing seminars, Killer Breakfast, and even some as-yet-secret things, but we reached out to Wizards of the Coast and requested to be an official event.

      Plans are in the works with WotC's "Magic" division and also things like Dungeon Command.  However, what may be most enjoyable is the inclusion of both Bruce Cordell and Robert Schwalb as game designer/author guests.  They have been given permission to speak about D&D Next, and run games.  Since we're several weeks ahead of GenCon 2013, who knows what treat might be in store for Houston?  Mark your calendars - we have some great gaming at the Houston hometown summer Geek festival!

      (Before we get there, we hope to see you all at Owlcon 2013)

      Michael "Chilly" Winters is our Gaming Director.  We had the awesome help of Kelly Youngblood for Pathfinder Society in 2012, and just because there will be a lot of D&D doesn't mean PFS will diminish!  I've already been talking to Erik Mona at Paizo directly, to brag about the PFS showing which I see at every con in Houston, and twist his arm to send someone.  We're close to making an agreement, but I will wait until he says "yes" before we announce.

      Above and beyond tabletop fantasy RPG, we are gearing up to expand minis like Privateer and WH40K tourneys.  In fact, with 9+ months to go, we are anxious to listen to YOU and see what more can be added, what was good and what was not-so-good in 2012.  Did you like the gaming tables in front of the Game vendors?  Did you want to see a different LARP, gaming event, or tourney?  Do you want to join our staff?

      Our NEW venue will be the Westchase Marriott off Briarpark near Westheimer / Beltway 8.  Rooms are cheaper.  More free parking and all right next to the venue.  Lots of nice restaurants, plus a restaurant and a bar inside the hotel.  Events and exhibit hall and meeting rooms all on the same floor.
      -- George Comits
      Executive Director
      Space City Con: Houston 2013


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