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How could it have been otherwise?

In 1908 Minkowski reformulated in four dimensions the then-recent theory of special relativity of Einstein. From this he concluded that time and space should
barron burrow
Oct 21, 2014

CW, more on male genital mutilation

CW wrote: "Barron, here is the real story of circumcision. Abraham was a rich old man and he had a lot of nephews and second cousin's step children showing up
barron burrow
Oct 20, 2014

Re: the chosen one...

Benjie wrote: According to NY Times... "To the end of his life, [Freud] maintained his stance as an uncompromising atheist, the stance he is best known for
barron burrow
Oct 20, 2014

Re: RR/John Clem and the usual suspects

RR wrote: "I made the choice to circumcise myself at age 33 in order to become a Jew (on the basis that Avraham had to circumcise himself) and obtained the
barron burrow
Oct 19, 2014

Re: RR and the usual suspects

American Nobel prize-winner for Physics, John Archibald Wheeler, wrote: "We had this old idea, that there was a universe out there, and here is man, the
barron burrow
Oct 19, 2014

Re: RR and the usual suspects

RR wrote: ...."You forgot to mention Bohr's wave collapse interpretation in which consciousness causes only one quantum state in any particle interaction to
barron burrow
Oct 19, 2014

"I Love My Mum" by Chen Xiwo

Below is a verbatim transcript of Matthew Bannister's interview on BBC World Service, "Outlook" (14 October), with Chinese author and dissident, Chen Xiwo.
barron burrow
Oct 17, 2014

New file uploaded to Literature

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the Literature group. File :
Jul 31, 2014


Hello! http://www.foolish.com.ar/-message.facebook.com?ukyriheg=7389513&wjbycy=936327
Apr 24, 2014

Coda [Part 2]

[Continued from Part 1] STONEHENGE...370 megalithic yards diameter , 57 spaces forming a polygon , 56 Aubrey holes plus one for heelstone 57,37
barron burrow
Oct 30, 2013

Coda (re 137 and the fine structure constant)

Preface [below is the missing coda to my Preface for Synchronicity: the Psychophysical Solution to the 'Hard Problem', with remarks re 137 and the fine
barron burrow
Oct 30, 2013

Re: Alice Munro!

Not my choice,I'm sorry to say. Anyone up for Eleanor Cattons' Luminaries? Donna Tartt has produced something more ....referring to Fabritius' Goldfinch'
Oct 16, 2013

Alice Munro!

oh happiness. If anyone is reading this of course. Won the Noble prize, and really deserves it to my mind. Any other Munro fans here? Kare
Karen Lewellen
Oct 15, 2013

Shock Waves & Shrunken Heads

Shock Waves and Shrunken Heads is an hour of amazing and weird musical diversity, direct from Kokovoko Island. If you enjoy Tiki Bars, horror movies, video
Sep 20, 2013
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Re: Why Eleusinian consciousness matters...

Was ist das? Ken --- In Literature@yahoogroups.com, wrote: Propaganda: There is only one other race that, like the ancient
Sep 20, 2013
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