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  • Bruce Sherman
    I cant hide the fact that a list member expressed his opinion in a way that bothered me. Lets just say I am taking care of it offlist. But I wanted to remind
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      I cant hide the fact that a list member expressed his opinion in a way that bothered me.  Lets just say I am taking care of it offlist.
      But I wanted to remind everyone about some things.   I created this list for a informational exchange about topics having to deal with Lionel Postwar trains, friendly discussions.
      If I write something, and feel it might be misinterpreted in what I mean it to say, I usually hit the delete key. 
      You can disagree with someone, and present yourself in a manner that you would have a discussion with a friend.  Friendly discussions only here.
      Let me remind everyone that membership in this group is restrictive and a privilege, not a right.  You wouldn’t believe the reasons we got for membership in this group.   By the way, we are still the #2 featured group on Yahoogroups.  The bad part of this is the reasons why some people claim they want to join.  Some are just so off topic, it wasn’t worth our time to read why before disapproving them.  I recently spoke to another Yahoogroups owner whose membership and daily volume of emails makes us look like we are running Z scale to there O gauge trains.  They also only allow new members with a legit reason, like we do.
      One major difference between our group and theirs is moderation.  All their members are moderated.  Here, only new members are moderated.  Members whom we can trust to post on topic material in a friendly way have their moderation removed.   I want to keep it this way.  My philosophy on this groups mission is this.  We operate our model trains, we run into a problem.  We write about the problem, get multiple answers as quickly as possible, we fix the problem, then go back and operate (or play) with our model trains.  Moderation slows that process, but it is a necessary evil.  Members who cant be trusted have their moderation turned back on.
      If anyone wants to make a comment about anything I wrote, please do so privately offlist to the owners email address  Lionel_PostwarTrains-owner@yahoogroups.com That way both Thom and I will see it and respond back to you.  I prefer no further public discussion on what I wrote here.
      And let me further add, discussions on how to sound proof is a legit topic to be discussed on here.  And if people had questions about why they are getting a ozone smell from their open frame motor, that is a ok question to be asked and answered.  If people have questions about how to modify their smoke chambers to allow liquid to make smoke, and maybe want to use exotic smells, that is also ok.
      If someone asks a question that you don’t like, hit the delete key.  You don’t have to respond why you don’t like that question and send it.  I don’t consider that a friendly discussion.
      list owner
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