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15787Re: [Lionel_PostwarTrains] Photos and a Video

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  • Bruce Sherman
    Mar 22, 2014
      My first attempt at video editing consisted of two video decks, Apple //GS for additional video animation, a sound fader board to control different sound inputs.  Getting everything queued properly by yourself took several efforts.  Those were the days :)  Doing it all digitally now is faster and better.  But dealing with Hi def video made the process take about an hour to do 10 minutes of video, and that is just compressing video to make uploading happen a little quicker.
      You are just the cameraman.  Blame the director for not getting the actors in proper position :)
      Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2014 4:59 PM
      Subject: [Lionel_PostwarTrains] Photos and a Video

      Several weeks ago, I posted a couple of pictures of the 736 engine that I have.
      I've now added a few more general photos of my layout and a video.

      The video was fun to create but also frustrating.   The free software, was not really free,
      it had a quick trial that expired and then they wanted $79.99
      Tom Mclean also suggest Microsoft's Live Movie Maker, not quite as feature rich, but it did
      the job  (thanks very much for that).
      I spend a few hours from start to finish - just to get 3 minutes of video
      Went to post and it was very much over the size limit (shame on me for not checking first).

      Looking for alternatives, I realized YouTube would be it; so if you are interested, click on the link:
      Not going to win an oscar (hopefully not a razzie) and a bit out of focus at times, but you should get the sense
      of what is happening in 15x15 plus 8x3 for the helix.


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