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15782Re: [Lionel_PostwarTrains] Lionel 8041 & 8141

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  • Ken Allan
    Mar 20, 2014
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      Re: [Lionel_PostwarTrains] Lionel 8041 & 8141
      Two different engines.

      The 8040 is a diecast 2-4-2, with a smoke unit from 1970, usually found with a NPR tender.

      The 8141 is a plastic 2-4-2, with a smoke unit AND The Mighty Sound of Steam sound board in the tender.
      This is why you will see a tether wire with this engine.

      The 8141 was the first engine to feature the MSOS, and was sold with a Pennsy tender.


      On 3/20/14 5:10 PM, "Chuck McConnell" <chuckmcconnell@...> wrote:


      I can't find information on the Lionel 8041.  I picked up a bunch of Engine shells and one was a 8041 because I needed one to replace a damaged shell.  I thought I read somewhere  that the 8141 engine will work in it. So I found all the parts for a 8141 except for the shell for a good price on ebay. So far I have not been able to get the hole on top to match match the engine exactly. Off by a sixteenth of inch. I don't know if I should play with it more or look for the correct parts. Also I noticed that some pictures of the 8041 with the wire from the engine to the tenders sound card and some had no wire. Were there two versions of the  8041 using two different motors?
      Any info would be appreciated.

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