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    reply to Youssef M. Assad February 27, 2002 Mr. Assad I agree with your email contents, and I consider it very constructive indeed Please allow me to
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 1, 2002
      reply to    Youssef M. Assad
                      February 27, 2002
      Mr. Assad
      I agree with your email contents, and I consider it very constructive indeed
      Please allow me to address other members as well:
      OS in Business:
      Operating System (OS) could be a corber-stone if it came within a total solution to some business. i.e. Win2K is crucial to run you IIS or mail server or so, while Win2K alone is a nice toy to monk with.
      This is the current situation for Linux, it is a toy for newbies, and computer Guru, but it has no place in business-world as long as it offers NO total solutions
      It is about time now, to start thinking and evaluating some solutions (models) to offer the business market, in order to introduce Linux as a corner-stone.
      As a long-term plan, we should start right now thinking and discussing of rock-solid realistic slots to fit in.
      Business Model:
      A business model consists of many things:
      - Solutions components / ingredients :)
      - Cost-benefit analysis?
      - Implementation plan,  including migration processes
      - Different types of planned-Training
      - Technical support ... even up to 24x7 for mission-critical business
      - Sourcing, and outsourcing plans / alternatives
      These are email example, that I recieved over the past months:
      a) Cyper-Cafe' and they want to know how to get the benifits of utilising Linux in their business, and they want to know how it may fit in their business
      b) A company want to install Mail and Proxy server in their facility
      c) An ISP wants to move to *Nix on their Intel platforms
      d) A company wants to start a dedicated hosting business, on Linux
      These are examples from real-life in Egypt, and we are not ready for them
      So we must start preparing ourselves, for such offering, next year
      and we better start from now on.
      Role of Linux-Egypt
      a) It is NOT our role to develop the "business"
      b) while we are requested to develop the "Market". 
      c) We have to raise the awarness and importance of such models, so that commercial entities start to develop their own offerings to market.
      d) Let us all be the reference to entities to offer, or to acquire Linux in business
      Very good to penetrate universities, and I belive this will be carried out by students themselves, and their lecturers. I think it must be an internal spark, not an invitation comming from outside university .... am i wrong
      Hope I made my point clear
      Regret any inconvenience
      Hesham Bahram
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