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4703Re: [Linux_Egypt] i want linux hancom ....plz help

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  • Akram Shalaby
    Dec 7, 2004
      Kernel The Canine wrote:

      >Use any of the recent Distributions
      >like Fedora Core 2 Madrake 10
      >or simply whatever uses KDE 3.2 or higher
      >or the latest Gnome
      >they are all arabized by default
      >By the way you can check www.distrowatch.com
      >and find the Arab eyez distro it is arabized as well
      >or if you want, I can send u the locale files, and
      >compile and enjoy
      >Kernel The Canine
      Well, I have FC2, and I can read arabic fine. Still, I did NOT find a
      way to WRITE arabic text of any kind.
      I know I did NOT search the net much, but I DID search within the
      preferences before.

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