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  • Youssef M. Assad
    Oct 1, 2002
      Generally, network programming under a unix variant is preferable to its counterpart under windows. The API is similar, but windows tends to obfuscate things a little with proprietary hooks in socket initialisation, if I recall correctly. In any case, windows actually only emulates the socket interface whereas with unix variants it is a core part of inter-process communication. In simpler terms, socket programming under linux will enable you to tackle many problems other than plain old network programming. The best example for this is X. I'm betting that of the global aggregate of traffic to and from X servers at least 95% is through the loopback interface, i.e. local functionality. Can anyone think of other nice examples of sockets being used for IPC? Is xfs a socket-based client-server architecture?
      As for the problem of you not being able to think of a project, well, that is another issue.
      Firewalls? No need really. We already have some of the best packet filtering code in the kernel. And a firewall is not an easy thing to write if you're serious. If you're into this kind of thing, then you might be better off learning bash scripting, tcp/ip, and iptables rule writing. If you really want to go nuts, then familiarise yourself with postgreSQL too. Have iptables throw its logs into a database instead of the messages log, and then set up responses to patterend activity. postgreSQL has triggers, I'm pretty sure. Voila, you have yourself an 'adaptive firewall', as the technique is known. To the best of my knowledge, there is no generally accepted standard adaptive firewalling solution for linux. If I'm wrong, please correct me.
      And if you do write something useful, by all means please release it under the General Public License.
      Always try to write software that has not been done before. Linux doesn't need, for example, any more ident servers of chargen or time or qotd servers. There's more interesting challenges out there.
      Why do my posts always become so long? :-) Anyway, I'm sure I've given the group a headache by now, so I'll stop now. :-)
      Youssef M. Assad
      PS: Alaa, stop peeking into my e-mail headers :p
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