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Linux RMS Gateway

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  • Hans-Juergen
    Here you will find the new LinuX-RMS-GateWay soon. LinuX-RMS-Gateway is the next generation access software to the Winlink2000 network. LinuX-RMS-Gateway is a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2008
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      Here you will find the new LinuX-RMS-GateWay soon.

      LinuX-RMS-Gateway is the next generation access software to the
      Winlink2000 network.
      LinuX-RMS-Gateway is a follow up to TelPac-Node/LinuX, a small package
      of software tools to run a Packet-Radio-GateWay on a LinuX system
      which connects to a Winlink2000 CMS host.

      Here some of our goals for LinuX-RMS-Gateway Rev 2:

      Step 1:
      * new code structure - easier to maintain.
      With Brian, W3SG a new programmer is in the team with a high level of
      * Brian will bring in a lot of new nice features which probably will
      not be visible to the user, but may help the sysop to support the
      system: syslog-logging features - logging highly configurable, based
      on standard Linux features.
      * Select loglevel according to your requirements, from no logging
      for small embedded systems with very limited resources to debuglevel
      with high detailled output. new confuguration files, well structured
      and prepared for more features in future versions
      * ... off course, some bug fixes.

      Step 2:

      * start the gateway either from ax25d and run on an ax25socket like
      - or -
      start from a hostmode daemon!
      This will support additional hardware, with that all PTC2, with
      that Pactor, HF-Packet and Robust-Packet-Radio.
      * A first simple version for a Pactor-Gateway should support
      scanning with a PTC2-internal scanner and CAT-Interface.
      A sample shellscript and optional tools can be provided which allow to
      run the pactor station parallel as RMS-Gateway and
      Pactor-Packet-Radio-GateWay like DA5UDI does.

      Step 3:

      * full compatibility with the requirements of the new RMS GateWays
      in the Winlink2000 network.
      * This will include
      - initialisation of a new gateway in the Winlink2000 database by a
      sysop tool
      - change of static information in the Winlink2000 database by a
      sysop tool
      - automatic update of the actual channel status in the Winlink2000
      database by a cron-job
      - some other system features

      We want to keep the system requirements as low as possible, the
      software should still run on simple embedded systems.


      Here the status from may 9th:

      Step 1:

      * nearly finished.
      * The Alphatest in Packet-Radio is currently running at DB0LJ-10,
      DA5UDI-10 and W3SG-10.
      * After some final finetuning and writing some documention - which may
      possibly be helpfull after all changes - we expect to bring out a
      betaversion next days.
      * This version will require a new basic setup of the installation to
      open the door to new features!

      Step 2:

      * nearly finished.
      * The Alphatest in Pactor is currently running at DA5UDI.
      I am using the powerfull hostmode terminal software TNT at the moment.
      - TNT by Mark Wahl, DL4YBG, updated by several other programmers
      later, is part of a lot of hamradio-friendly LinuX distributions.
      - It is a quiet old software, open source.
      - TNT is able to autostart external software on connect and
      communicate via a variity of different interfaces like unix- and
      tcp-sockets, transparent shells, pty redirection etc..
      - TNC can be started as a daemon without any console shell.
      A separate Shell can run remote if needed and connect via tcp/ip
      - We do not require any specific version and no changes to the
      code. It needs to be verified but normally any version 1.9.x
      should work.
      - A PTC2/PTC2Pro with additional Packet-Radio-modems is supported
      and may run as RMS-Packet-Radio- and RMS-Pactor-GateWay parallel.
      * This installation only allows scanning several channels when using
      PTC2s with internal scanner/CAT-interface, not with PTC2E/EX

      Step 3:

      * will take some weeks...
      * this will take a bit of time. We just got all details from the
      Winlink development team and need time for coding, testing, debugging

      73 de Hans, DL5DI
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