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Netatalk 2.0.2 released

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  • Marc Bizer
    Happy New Year everyone, This looks important. Ingo, can you install and let us know -- and post those updated instructions? :-) --Marc Netatalk 2.0.2
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2005
      Happy New Year everyone,

      This looks important. Ingo, can you install and let us know
      -- and post those updated instructions? :-)


      Netatalk 2.0.2

      The Netatalk development team is proud to announce version 2.0.2 of the
      Netatalk File Sharing suite. This is the latest stable version. It
      contains several important bugfixes, therefore all users are
      encouraged to upgrade their systems to 2.0.2.

      Netatalk is a collection of server programs and utilities for handling
      various protocols employed by Apple Macintosh computers on Unix compatible
      systems. This allows Unix hosts to act as file, print, and time servers for
      Apple Macintosh (classic MacOS as well as MacOS X) computers.
      Additionally Unix hosts using Netatalk can print to AppleTalk-only

      The suite contains:

      * afpd - a file server that implements the Apple Filing Protocol, allowing
      clients running MacOS to access Unix file servers
      * atalkd - an implementation of the various AppleTalk protocols
      * papd - a print server that enables Macintosh computers to access
      printers connected to Unix servers
      * timelord - a time server for synchronizing time over the network
      * megatron - a tool to convert files in Macintosh specific formats like
      BinHex, AppleSingle, or MacBinary into files readable by Unix computers
      * various other utilities

      Netatalk is a Free/Open Source Software project and is released under
      the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please see


      for the full license text.

      New in Netatalk 2.0.2

      * NEW: cnid: Add an indexes check and rebuild, optional for dbd
      (parameter check default no), standalone program cnid_index for
      * UPD: Enhanced afpd's -v command line switch and added -V for more
      verbose information
      * UPD: uams_gss: build the principal used by uams_gss.so from afpd's
      configuration, don't use GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE
      * UPD: cnid_dbd: add process id in syslog and small clean up
      * REM: remove netatalkshorternamelinks.pl cf. SF bug [ 1061396 ]
      netatalkshorternamelinks.pl broken
      * FIX: afpd: check for DenyRead on FPCopyFile
      * FIX: afpd: add missing flush for AD2 Metadata on FPCopyFile, SF bug
      [ 1055691 ] Word 98 OS 9 Saving an existing file
      * FIX: afpd: Deal with AFP3 connection and type 2 (non-UTF8) names.
      reported by Gair Heaton, HI RESOLUTION SYSTEMS
      * FIX: afpd: Broken 'crlf' option
      * FIX: afpd: fix SF bug [ 1079622 ] afpd/dhx memory bug,
      by Ralf Schuchardt
      * FIX: afpd: Return an error if we cannot get the db stamp in
      * FIX: afpd: Fix slp registration with Solaris9 slpd, from
      hat at fa2.so-net.ne.jp
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