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Re: [LinkStation_General] Debian on Linkstation: Consequences

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  • James Stewart
    I m getting behind everyone here, partially because I got real busy with other things (like a vacation trip) recently, and partially because my power supply on
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2004
      I'm getting behind everyone here, partially because I
      got real busy with other things (like a vacation trip)
      recently, and partially because my power supply on my
      LS died somehow and I haven't figured out what the
      problem is yet.

      Anyway, the way I had Debian running on my LS (at
      least the way I had it when I produced those screen
      shots in the "pictures" section), was in a very
      strange mode where I was kind of running both the
      original LS OS and Debian at the same time! The LS
      booted in its mostly factory configuration, then I
      telnetted into it and did the "chroot" command (and
      did a second mount of /proc so various utils would
      work), and then I had Debian running in the telnet
      environment while the original LS OS was running as
      normal. I then started various things like
      xvncserver, and sshd. The result was a LS that worked
      as a normal LS (Web interface, FTP, telnet,
      filesharing, etc.) except that then you could ssh or
      xvnc into the Debian system inside at the same time.

      Even though it all worked, I'm not recommending
      running it this way. What I will be working on once I
      fix my LS is a kind of dual boot system where you can
      set a default boot between the original LS OS and
      Debian, ideally using the watchdog timer as an
      emergency fail over to the other. The original OS
      would be left mostly untouched except for this dual
      boot change so that factory updates will still work
      but then you can switch back over to pure Debian boot
      anytime you want to.

      Anyway, I just briefly looked at those instructions
      (I'll do more later) but it does look like they have
      you doing the basic "chroot" trick to get to Debian
      from the LS OS as I had done.

      You can make a Debian-only LS. I put one on a
      separate hard drive that I put in the LS for awhile
      and it worked fine too. I just feel better with the
      dual boot system even if I never use the original LS
      OS again except as an emergency backup OS.

      --- frank_bertling <Frank.Bertling@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > my LS just arrived and I am planning to install a
      > 'real' Linux like
      > Debian (or Gentoo, but haven't found a real Howto
      > for this) on it. As
      > far as I understood, that is not a big problem, but
      > my questions are:
      > If I do follow
      > 1. Is there a way to backup the original state (e.g.
      > with dd) or any
      > other way back to the original state?
      > 2. What happens to the original Webconfiguration
      > Tool? Is it gone? Can
      > I still use it?
      > 3. I only have very little experience with Debian,
      > but I know I have
      > to put an appropriate URL to the apt.conf. Do I have
      > to consider
      > something special concerning the PPC processor (e.g
      > special URL?)
      > 4. How are firmware & operating system connected? Is
      > there a
      > difference?
      > Before I thank you for answering my questions I'd
      > like to apologize,
      > if some of them are not that clear, but I'm a guy
      > from germany...:-)
      > Regards
      > Frank

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