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Re: [LinkStation_General] vi: xterm: unknown terminal type - fix/workaround

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  • James Stewart
    ... Yea, I had just been entering TERM=vt100 at the command line once inside of the linkstation, meaning to put it into a .profile, .cshrc or something link
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2004
      --- James Ronald <jronald@...> wrote:

      > I found and easy fix for those wanting to use
      > something better than MS
      > Telnet
      > to configure your linkstations but are getting the
      > dreaded 'vi: xterm:
      > unknown terminal
      > type' message. Well the fix is to 'cp
      > /usr/share/terminfo/v/vt100 to
      > ../x/xterm' or
      > copy the /usr/share/terminfo/X/xterm from the Kuro
      > binaries to
      > /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm.

      Yea, I had just been entering "TERM=vt100" at the
      command line once inside of the linkstation, meaning
      to put it into a .profile, .cshrc or something link
      that. I like your solution better.

      > I don't know what the difference is or if there is a
      > utility to just create a xterm
      > terminfo file but this works 1000% better and makes
      > me more confident editing critical file with vi.

      Yes, vi seems to work just fine for me this way too.
      I guess we may need to get an editor that would be
      more familiar to non-Unix types to use.

      > btw: I'm now using PuTTY as my telnet client.

      Yes, I recommend it too, it is what I use when I'm on
      a Windows box because I usually need secure shell
      (ssh) access to things.


      I've been fooling around with the contents of the
      flash memory regions and figured out how do do a few
      things, but still have futher to go. I'll do a HOW-TO
      file on it soon. Seems like there is an archive of
      various files in /etc, two kernels (yes two, different
      length kernels, maybe one is a diagnostic mode
      kernel?) and something that might be an initial
      ramdisk, but I don't know for sure yet.

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