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upgraded to 1.45 firmware

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  • Dave Kristol
    I can report that I successfully upgraded my LS160 to firmware 1.45. (My old firmware was 1.43, which didn t support telnet.) After doing so, I was surprised
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2004
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      I can report that I successfully upgraded my LS160 to firmware 1.45.
      (My old firmware was 1.43, which didn't support telnet.) After doing
      so, I was surprised to discover that my administrator (root) password
      was reset to null, and all my user passwords were gone. Other than
      that, everything was in good shape.

      These are the instructions I was originally given for the 1.44
      firmware upgrade, which I used (and which I haven't seen here):

      1. Connect the Linkstation directly to your computer via ethernet.

      Note: You may have to change the position of the cable select switch
      on the back of the unit to make the unit communicate with your computer.

      2. Change the IP address of your computer to with a
      subnet mask of

      3. Reset the Linkstation by holding down the Init button for 30 seconds.
      [DMK: I wonder whether this is too long. Perhaps the box went
      through more than one reset cycle, overwriting the saved passwords the
      second and subsequence times around.]

      Also, the Init button is in the back, in case you didn't know.]

      4. Ping to make sure that you are communicating with
      the Linkstation. *

      5. Rerun the firmware update.
      [DMK: *Re*run??]

      6. Once the update has completed. Reconnect to your network.
      [DMK: At this stage, since I could connect to my LS, I reconfigured
      stuff back where I wanted it via the web server.]

      Note: If you changed the cable select switch, change it back.

      7. Change your IP address back to obtain automatically and also make
      sure that DNS is set back to obtain automatically.

      8. Run the IP Setup Utility again and setup your IP address to work
      with your network.

      9. You may want to log back into the Linkstation to make sure that the
      unit is setup the way you want it. After doing the reset, all files
      and folders will remain but any user or folder restrictions will have
      to be setup again. Also, any mapping will have to be redone even if
      you set the unit back to the same IP address.

      * To ping the router: Click on Start, then select Run. In the run
      window enter "cmd" and press OK. This will take you to the Command
      Prompt or DOS Prompt. Enter ping and press the enter
      key. You want to see it say Reply and that it has not lost any
      packets. If anything else comes up, reset the unit again and make sure
      that there are no firewall programs enabled on the computer, including
      the Windows XP firewall. Sometimes just powering down and then back
      the Linkstation will correct a failed ping.

      After I did the above, I got myself root access via the previously
      described hack, and I'm on my way to installing and configuring NFS.

      Dave Kristol
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