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iTunes (mt-daapd) HowTo feedback

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  • Steve Lemke
    It would be cool if there was a wiki (like the NSLU2 folks have), in which case I d just modify the page directly, but there s not and we already have two
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2004
      It would be cool if there was a wiki (like the NSLU2 folks have), in
      which case I'd just modify the page directly, but there's not and we
      already have two versions of the iTunes server setup document (that
      I've seen, at least) in the Yahoo Groups Files area.

      The first one I grabbed a while back talked only about setting up the
      mt-daapd server (but not rendezvous).
      The one that was just recently posted added notes on how to set up SSH,
      netatalk, and rendezvous.

      I could make and upload yet another how-to doc for those only
      interested in iTunes support, or whoever owns the most recent one might
      want to incorporate the following feedback. I'm posting to the list in
      case others have been considering setting up their own iTunes mt-daapd
      server, but perhaps were a little overwhelmed with all of the stuff :

      - It should be mentioned that SSH is totally optional; if not
      interested, skip to section 4 for mt-daapd.
      - In the SSH section, it would be helpful to include the actual command
      needed to link the ssh startup script to /etc/rc.d/rc2.d (as it's not
      clear to me if there's some naming convention of these links that needs
      to be followed or if the naming is completely arbitrary)
      - In the mt-daapd section, it would be helpful to explain why it is
      suggested to copy the admin-root directory to /opt/mt-daapd. I believe
      it's to prevent those files from disappearing in the event of a
      LinkStation upgrade, but I'm not 100% sure.
      - Before suggesting to do that copy, it might help some folks to add an
      explicit step to "mkdir /opt/mt-daapd".
      - After creating /etc/init.d/mt-daapd, I believe a step is missing:
      "chmod 755 /etc/init.d/mt-daapd".
      - The next line says "This should get all up and running" but the
      instructions didn't really say how to get it started. One must either
      link the mt-daapd startup script to one of the rc.d directories (again,
      as with SSH, I'm not sure exactly where to link this) or one must do
      the aforementioned "chmod 755 /etc/init.d/mt-daapd" and then
      "/etc/init.d/mt-daapd" to launch it.
      - One problem with "silently" launching mt-daapd with the startup
      script is that if there is a problem with your .conf file (as there was
      with mine), you won't see it, and it might take you a while to figure
      out what went wrong.
      - Instead, I suggest manually invoking mt-daapd until you're sure it's
      actually running. You can do this by typing "/usr/local/sbin/mt-daapd"
      at which point you should get some idea if it's running or not. You
      can confirm this with "ps -ef |grep daapd" or checking the web status
      screen as described (though it can take several minutes to build the
      database the first time it runs).
      - Note that iTunes (probably?) won't see your LinkStation until you
      also fire up rendezvous (step 6).
      - It should be mentioned that netatalk is totally optional; if not
      interested, skip to section 6 for rendezvous. I skipped this for two
      reasons: First, Mac OS X supports SMB shares, and second, the
      instructions stated that currently it only works when manually started
      so I didn't bother. If there are other reasons I should consider
      installing this, it should be mentioned in the doc. Better long
      filename support is mentioned at the top of the file, but it's not
      completely clear to me why/if I need this over the existing afp or SMB
      - Rendezvous sources -- it wasn't very clear where to find these; I was
      only able to find them by searching for them, and had to guess which
      ones to grab. The sources I used came from
      <http://developer.apple.com/darwin/projects/rendezvous/>. I grabbed
      mDNSResponder-58.8 from
      mDNSResponder-58.8.tar.gz>. Doc should mention that an Apple ID and
      password is required to download these sources.
      - In my /etc/rendezvous.conf file, I commented out the first (afp) and
      third (ssh) sections since I only installed daap (iTunes).
      - Again, I believe a chmod is missing: "chmod 755
      - I also launched this manually to try it out before linking it into
      the boot process.
      - Again, the link statement should be explicitly included in the doc
      (what should it be?).

      In any case, I want to thank all who have previously contributed to
      either getting this stuff working or documenting it in the current
      how-to file. My contribution back is the above feedback, which I hope
      can be added to the how-to to make it even easier for future
      LinkStation hackers to get the iTunes mt-daapd server up and running...

      I am most happy to have mt-daapd running in my little 17 watt
      LinkStation, serving up tunes to various Macs and PCs in the house, in
      addition to serving up the raw .mp3 files over SMB to my
      Voyetra-TurtleBeach AudioTron.

      I now find myself wanting a small network iTunes client box (not a
      computer) for playing tunes around the house. Anyone remember
      Kerbango? Maybe they were just a little ahead of their time. The
      AudioTron probably was too; it's a great stereo component (as yet
      unequalled, so far as I know), but not a very good table radio -- and
      alas, it's no longer in production.
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