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Re: [LinkStation_General] Linux help mt-daapd how to

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  • James Stewart
    ... Yes, for example: mkdir /opt I m not sure, but binary might get automatically created when un-tarring the file. ... Yes, only backwards: ln -s
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 2004
      --- James S Stubbs <stubbsjuk@...> wrote:

      > I have a couple of questions on the 1st para of the
      > how to:
      > "untar the Kurobox binaries need for compiling etc.
      > You can download
      > them from *www.revogear.com.*
      > <http://www.revogear.com/> I put them in
      > /mnt/opt/binary and made
      > a symlink of /opt to /mnt/opt so as not to fill up
      > the root
      > partition too much. The packages you need are all
      > those related to
      > programming:"
      > Question 2:
      > I don't have /opt or /mnt/opt/binary I guess I have
      > to create them.

      Yes, for example: "mkdir /opt"

      I'm not sure, but "binary" might get automatically
      created when un-tarring the file.

      > Question 3:
      > Is the command to add the symlink ln -s /opt
      > /mnt/opt

      Yes, only backwards: "ln -s /mnt/opt /opt".
      /opt should not already exist, but /mnt/opt does.

      > ---------------
      > I can see the reason that the author would like
      > **not** to fill up his root partition
      > I can see that mine is already 51% used.

      Not only that, but I expect everytime you do a
      "Firmware" update, it probably wipes that whole
      partition clean. This way your additions remain

      > Question 4:
      > How do I list all of files/directories that are
      > using this space? I understand the use of ls -l but
      > that does not tell me what is taking up
      > the space in hda1

      I'm not sure what utilities that are normally on
      Unix/Linux systems are not on the LS, and my LS is
      down right now, but try something like this:

      cd /
      du -kax |sort -nr | more

      If you get errors, try dropping some features (things
      past the "-" switch on some of the commands. The
      versions on the LS might not be full featured.

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