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Re: Access LinkStation from Internet

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  • cheungderekca
    Thanks for the reply. It is very informative. I plan to try out this Openlink thing. Many thanks. ... have ... contain ... a ... Normally ... IP ... did ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 29, 2007
      Thanks for the reply. It is very informative. I plan to try out this
      Openlink thing. Many thanks.

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "James Stewart"
      <wartstew@...> wrote:
      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "cheungderekca"
      > <derek.cheung@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I understand I can use FTP or SSH but I would like to have a
      > > simple method so that my relative oveseas (non-technical) can
      > > a simple method to access to my Linkstation where I store all the
      > > photos and kid video.
      > Well then maybe FTP actually could work in this case, assuming the
      > following is true:
      > The pictures, videos, and other files you are sharing don't
      > any critical information that you would never want released on the
      > public Internet.
      > MS Internet Explorer will browse FTP sites by simply entering the
      > proper URL. For example ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian will give you
      > file listing of Debian Linux's FTP site from inside IE (Internet
      > Explorer).
      > There is a catch however. Modern versions of IE expect to be able
      > to use "PASV" type authentication to connect to FTP sites.
      > you can't just put an FTP site behind a NAT router (which you are
      > doing with all the port-forwarding business) and have it work. To
      > deal with this the ProFTP program that I think is on your LS (at
      > least it was on mine) has a place where you can
      > enter "masquerade=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" in the /etc/proftp/proftp.conf
      > file and you have to enter (and keep current) you actual external
      > address. This might not work for you. You will also need to
      > upgrade to at least "Openlink" to gain access to this file.
      > The other thing you can do is turn off the "PASV" mode in IE. I
      > it once some time ago on an XP computer. It was a registry hack
      > somewhere. If you find it, you can save the branch then send
      > the "branch.reg" file to your relatives to simply double-click to
      > install. Then IE will work in the older mode.
      > Another thing you can do is have them use a diffent ftp client.
      > not sure how Firefox handles this situation, but there are some
      > FTP-only programs out there like "cuteFTP" and "WinSCP" that are
      > nice drag-n-drop easy to use programs that non technical users can
      > learn to use.
      > Finally if FTP really won't work for you. You could customize the
      > web server in the LS (you would probably at least need to install
      > Openlink to do this) so that everything you want them to see is on
      > Website that you create on the computer for them to see. I use a
      > Linux program on my LS called imageindex that automatically builds
      > nice picture gallery websites around a folder full of pictures for
      > me. It is how I do what you are trying to do for my family with
      > Freelink-like converted LS. Here is an example:
      > http://wartstew.homelinux.net/SnowStorm
      > For that matter, you can check out how FTP works with IE (with the
      > proper "Masquerade" entry) at ftp://wartstew.homelinux.net The
      > server is slow to come up because I have it starting-on-demand
      > using "inetd" so that it doesn't use resources sitting idle. I
      > don't use it much.
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