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Re: Re : Re : LS-Pro patches from Tzachi / Marvell

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  • Guennadi Liakhovetski
    Please, also wrap your lines at about 72 characters, makes it easier to read and reply, thanks. ... Ok, I ll have to read it more attentively when I come round
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2007
      Please, also wrap your lines at about 72 characters, makes it easier to
      read and reply, thanks.

      On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, snatcher snatcher wrote:

      > Yes I talked to Tzachi after the last patch set, and he told me to merge
      > some of the stuff from the previous patch to enable 88f5182 support (the
      > mandatory things beeing the change in arch/arm/boot/compressed/head.S
      > file and the changes in proc-arm926.S file)!
      > The origin of that is that the 88f5182 SoC have a standard ARM926 id
      > while the 88f5281 have a specific tag (so the boot process can identify
      > it as a specific processor attached to the description in
      > proc-feroceon.S file).
      > So for buffalo's devices (using the 88f5182 processor), we have to merge
      > some modifications in the proc-arm926.S (using the CONFIG_CPU_FEROCEON
      > switch would be the best way to do it)! Tzachi is also using a specific
      > type in /arch/arm/tool/mach-type for the kurobox pro, to support that we
      > have to update the u-boot to give the new value, or to change the
      > mach-type file to set kurobox pro id to the value given by buffalo's
      > u-boot (526) => The correct thing to do will of course be to update the
      > u-boot, but for now I've changed the value in mach-type (I'll play with
      > u-boot once it'll boot correctly ...)
      > Tzachi also told me to set the u-boot var 'enaWrAllo' to 'no' (default
      > value is yes) to disable Write Allocate. The words he used to explain
      > that are : "There is a problem that I need to solve with this feature,
      > but not at the moment. Just disable it for now.".

      Ok, I'll have to read it more attentively when I come round to trying it,
      thanks for the info!

      > I won't copy/paste his mails as I don't know if he would be happy about
      > that,

      Sure, only upon his agreement.

      > but I can tell you the important informations (beside technical
      > stuff descibed just above) I got from our discution :
      > - Tzachi submitted what could be merged in vanilla kernel
      > - For now only ethernet (merged in 2.6.24-rc1) and USB support have been
      > released in some mailing list. Sata support will be released later
      > (don't know when anyway)
      > - Specific hardware support that can't be merged in the vanilla kernel
      > (ie : XOR hardware & CESA engine support) will be available (later) in
      > some out-of-tree patches
      > You can of course send some question/answers in lak mailing list, he
      > will be happy to see some interest in his patch set !

      Sure, just for now I don't have anything to say:-)

      Just a request to you - you said you wanted to commit his patches and any
      additional modifications you do into the sourceforge svn repository. We
      talked with Jon a few weeks ago and agreed that it would be better to do
      the *Pro development in a git tree. He's even set up a git server on the
      linkstationwiki server, and we wanted to start committing there, but then
      Jon said, that Tzachi is about to present his patches, so, we decided to
      wait. Would be really nice to use git instead of svn - for easier
      interoperability with mainline developers and for all the advantages of

      Guennadi Liakhovetski
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