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Re: LS2 and OpenLink 0.52 bricks to 6 LED blinking after Samba 3 installed

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  • stannusw
    ... Don t know much ... if dmesg works ... if /var/log exists and see ... with more ... hanging with an error. ... the boot process ... moving samba out
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 25, 2007
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "James Stewart"
      > Sounds like the watchdog timer is not being turned off anymore.
      Don't know much
      > about OpenLink, especially the LS2 version (runs BusyBox?), but see
      if "dmesg" works
      > (you might need to do "dmesg |more" to read it all. Also see
      if /var/log exists and see
      > if there are any thing that looks like a boot log in there (view it
      with "more
      > <filename>". Check these logs for anything that looks like it is
      hanging with an error.
      > My guess is that something (like samba trying to load!) is stopping
      the boot process
      > before the watchdog gets turned off. If /etc/init.d exists, try
      moving "samba" out of it
      > (mv /etc/init.d/samba /etc/samba.saved) to disable it.

      I finally find it was caused by the file libpthread-0.10.so as
      the "ls" command was failed too. Then I download and install this
      file from Askwar's site, problem is solved.

      Anyway, thanks for your tips.
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