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Re: Older linkstation

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  • James Stewart
    ... Some people install other web interfaces like Webmin. I instead use individual Web interfaces like Swat with Samba (Windows filesharing suite), but
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 23, 2007
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, Joseph McLaughlin <jwm8351@...>
      > What are the major benefits to installing a linux on the device.
      > And If you can't control it via a web interface how do you modify the settings

      Some people install other web interfaces like Webmin. I instead use individual Web
      interfaces like "Swat" with Samba (Windows filesharing suite), but mostly you can log
      into a command line interface using telnet or ssh (better), or get real fancy and run a
      remote desktop server like VNC that gives you a nice graphical remote desktop that
      you can pull up anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

      >.... Is there a limit to the number of programs that can be loaded?

      Yes and no. If you overfill the meager 64 Megs of memory too much the whole thing
      will start slowing down. I usually have my LS doing all sorts of things at the same
      time however. It's quite wonderful.

      > No key board - no monitor?

      You know, I always wanted to try one of those USB video adapters on this thing.
      Then just add a USB keyboard and mouse, oops I guess I'll need a USB hub while I'm
      at it. I did get a USB to RS232 adapter running on it and was able to pull up a terminal
      session through it but don't actually use it that way. It could be useful as a "safe
      mode" if I mess up the OS too much for network connectivity someday.

      > Also is there a size limit to the hard drive in the LS1 - (well as long as I might be
      hacking it ...)

      Don't know. I think people have put 500+ Gig drives in them without issues.

      > Can it run a gui?

      Yes, I've even got some screen shots posted over in the photos section of this group
      from a long time ago to give you an idea ("Debian on Linkstation" album). The GUI is
      all run "remote desktop" mode using VNC, to other computers (both Linux &
      Windows). It works very nicely!

      > Can it run open office?

      I'm sure you would grow old waiting for it to start up! One of the newer, more
      powerful LS's would be better. I run lighter office suite programs on it like Abiword
      and Gnumeric, (Siag would probably be good too) but in practice don't use my LS for
      this propose very much.

      > Does this free up the usb front/back issue?

      A "real" Linux like Debian will set you free of all the quirks of that web based GUI/OS
      shipped with the LS. Of course at a cost of a steep learning curve for those
      unfamiliar with Linux or other POSIX based OS's

      > You can then have a fat32 drive attached?

      Sure. In fact you can do NTFS too, but it will be tricky to get write access to it.

      > Buy 750GB hd first?

      If you want. I would pay attention to power consumption (and therefore heat output)
      of anything you might want to put internally into the LS.


      In short "standard/real" Linux on a LS can be quite useful. This was the whole idea I
      had when I bought mine years ago. I through away the factory OS withing first
      month of owning it and installed Debian GNU/Linux on it and loved it ever since.
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